Let’s Get To It Already

Been typing my notes on writing for television, and it helps me keep up with what I wrote down. Sort of refreshing the information for me. Plus it looks neater than before. I’ve gone back a couple of times and wrote notes or thoughts on top of my typed notes.  I feel like I never left college.  LOL

Today will about two or three trial runs of plot outlines for stories. This is simply an exercise to get me into staying creative.  I will take 3 sheets of paper.  Dived each sheet into five parts, which represent the five acts of  a TV script/episode. The goal is to write down what happens in  each act.

One of these runs will be the story I wrote about in the premise I’ve been discussing on the blog. The second will be a previous pilot I wrote but know already it needs rewriting to fit the format properly. The last is up in the air, BUT I’m thinking of converting my novel into a TV outline.

Gotta get on top of this, but I’m glad I wrote a post first.  Puts things in perspective.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


A Routine or Rotation

I’ve got to get myself into a writing rotation. At least one more frequent than I’m ding now.  I may have to wake up early and put down a few lines. That means getting organized, getting to bed earlier, and doing what I have to do to maximize my creative time.

Did manage to get some writing done yesterday, but it was far more random than i think it should have been. Didn’t do any reading, when I spent the day before reading American Gods. I want to read it since there’s a TV adaption on Starz right now, and I kinda want to be ahead of the curve.

So, just like with games when you have to use your abilities in a rotation, that’s how I want to do my writing. I sorta had this fear that writing would become a chore, and I would resent it, but I’ve been writing since childhood, so why should that stop now?  It’s been a chore, but one I love doing.

Also need to add more TV shows and movies into my rotation. I say this because as former professors once said, if you want to write well, you should be watching more TV shows and movies, in addition to reading.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Fifteen Points Part I

Well, just cause I talked about it, I now have to share this. On Tuesday’s post, I mentioned I used a fifteen point plot. My friend Sarah told me this, so credit where credit is due.

It’s fairly simple, so I hope it helps. First thing’s first. In order to do this you’re simply writing the first part of your plot, and the the resolution to this. This is points one and fifteen. By the way, I made up this plot for this example.

It’s not a foolproof method, and subject to revisions, but this is where it starts.

1:    Nico and Helga get stuck in traffic, and Helga’s water breaks (expecting next month).
15:  Helga delivers a healthy baby, her family and Kole’s  family visits her. She cries.

I don’t know how, but that’s what happens. I would go to two and fourteen next.

2:  Helga reveals the baby’s not Nico’s but his friend Kole’s.
14: Helga’s relationship with Nico is over. Kole doesn’t answer his phone.

You get the picture. Three and thirteen.

3: Helga calls Kole, and Nico has to listen to this mess.
13: Nico visits Helga at the hospital.

Four and twelve:

4: Nico calls for an ambulance, as the contractions start.
12: While delivering, Helga calls for Nico but wishes Kole was there.

Five and eleven:

5:  Helga admits Nico doesn’t excite her, Kole does, but Nico is stable and kind.
11:  Nico tries to wrap his head around this betrayal by the people he loves the most who still want him in their lives.

Six and Ten:

6: The ambulance arrives, and Nico and Helga part ways.
10: Though, upset, Helga has to focus–She’s having the baby.

Seven and nine:

7:The traffic clears up, and Kole sends Nico a few text messages.
9: Nico deletes all the messages.

Eight stands by itself.

8: Kole calls his parents, who have some harsh words for him.

More on this via part two.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

This Sunday

Decided to get on top of this post before the day slips away from me. Sunday is the day I need to relax my nerves, do something creative, and press onward. Felt too drained this morning. Need to get a start on dinner. Didn’t feel like it, but now I do. Hanging up my clothes, and making my bed may have spurred my active side.

Yesterday was a writing cool-off day. The day before, Friday, I did more revisions on this novella pitch, and I started a sample scene for it. Worked on the sample scene this morning, which makes me realize that when I’m mopey, odds are I need to write, and lift my spirits.

The pitch, which is limited to two pages, looked good, with some editing I did on Friday, and some last minute hand corrections I’ve yet to add to the file. I hope to get back onto this today. The ultimate goal with the pitch is to tell what happens in the novella in a straightforward manner so the editor gets the bare bones of the series.

Some of my actions have been to take out things that went into great detail when all I needed to say is, “a fight ensues, and the hero wins.” Usually I’m good at this, but I’m a bit divided in time and thought. Also learned to pull back a lot. There’s always room to learn new things.

Yesterday, I did watch a few movies, which allowed me to escape a little. That felt empowering. I also ran errands, and found myself a little drained before I got myself a meal. That happens, and I wish I didn’t go too long without eating something.

Happy creative endeavors.


I needed to get my room clean, as it looked like a hot mess. Spent the day throwing stuff away, moving stuff out, and hanging up clothes that needed to be hanged. So not bad results. Still have to do some creative writing, but that will come soon enough. Catching a moment to chill, and to write this post.

Outside has been hot, and inside cool. Very grateful the central air could get repaired, and allowed me at least to clean in comfort. I can only imagine how sluggish I’d feel now if the air was unable to keep the house cool. Tomorrow I can vacuum the floor, and suck out all the excess dust and dirt left by the cleaning.

Found a shirt that was in the corner and dirty. Look like it had some mildew on it. Gross.  Soaked it in some water with bleach. Minced it out, and the mildew is gone. It still need a real washing, but at least I got rid of the gross mildew. Also glad to get it out of my room. I’m kinda embarrassed it was in the corner. Glad I cleaned up.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

TV and Film Diary

Decided today to keep a film and television watching diary for the next twenty days.  I not only want to see what I watch and consume, but also I want to get myself into watching a regiment of one movie a day. Sometimes I look at quality, and other times I get into ruts with my viewing.  Police procedurals tend to be my weakness, which is mainly me loving crime shows.  Lets see if I can find alternatives to the procedurals. Crime movies anyone?

I’m also looking to eliminate some of the other shows I seem to find distracting like courtroom shows, talk shows, and soaps.  I watch one soap in particular, Young & the Restless because it’s mildly distracting. Typically I watch for a few days, abandon it for months, then come back and find I can fall back into watching.  Repeat. Maybe I’ll just put in a DVD or turn the TV off if I can’t find something of substance.

Maybe this is a more of a film and TV diet.

Doing It

Sometimes while contemplating what to do in regards to writing I get fed up and do what comes to mind as opposed to trying to resolve all the conflicts that come my way. It doesn’t make things perfect, but damn it sometimes you simply have to get stuff done and everything seems to be in the way.

Working on a plot for a new story. I love that I at least sat at my laptop and typed out a page full of plot. I suspect I’ll need several more pages, but this is raw ideas not a tight story construction. I already see tangents and disjointed thoughts, but a first draft is not supposed to be magical.

I used to hate a celebrity dream. Today changed that. Today I’m loafing about as it pours down rain and I hope it doesn’t storm. Been hit by some odd dreams that are film and television based and academic in mind. The first was about getting two Emmy Awards during a class where where they were presented to me by Sam Waterston. What a fun, made me feel great dream. I was ready to give the world my speech.

The second dream was me in class and the instructor was Christopher Lee as Count Dukoo. OMG. I failed the test (73), and the whole class made low scores. I’m grateful he didn’t use force lightning in us. He was disappointed in our scores. I woke up thinking that dream was cool as all get out.

It’s certainly better than the dream I had a while back about taking my comprehensive exam and Beyonce came in to room take it too. She passed it. I didn’t.