Saturday Smoothness

Well, its one of those days I was convinced I already did a blog post. The rational side of me is always like, well double-check. I did, so now I’m writing one.

This day has been, so far, quiet, and enjoyable. I am grateful for these quieter moments.

About to make a simple breakfast of sausage and bread because anything else on this day will change the mood.

Need to get into writing. Like this project needs a starter. Five sentences will do. Three time today. So like three paragraphs worth of creativity, minimum.

My characters need names. They really don’t have any. I insist on naming them today, even if they are simple names. We will see where this goes. After I name them, I should write something about them. I dunno, five sentences maybe. Could solve my writing chores with my naming goals.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Back to the Grind

My allergies are working OT, even though I took my meds. Welcome to another fun work week that starts off chipper, and with a blog post.

Spent yesterday watching vids on writing, as well as getting some clothes washed. Apparently, I like to squirrel away clothes, and learned that my dwinding supply of fresh items were merely in a bag, out of sight.

Moving forward I am hoping to.get some stories together. If only to “see” characters better.

Happy creative endeavors.


I honestly prefer blogging in the day, but have been caught up in cooking, and family. The moment I had a free moment, all I wanted to do is sit down.

Soon I got back up, only to remember I didn’t do a blog post today. Well, time to get to work.

I have been putting more notes down and reviewing what I wrote down. I need to start going some of these ideas. A few of them I feel “divorced” from, so I can look at them with sharp eyes.

So the next step is to have a working oahe with the idea, premise, main character, ally, and antagonist. I can even write out a plot if I so choose to.

I just gotta get my thoughts organized.

Happy creative endeavors.

When, A, Must, Or

“When, a, must, or” are key words used when creating a logline. I belive I’ve mentioned this before.

Yesterday, I insited on turning negativity into a postive by converting the situations into loglines. There is no need for me to dwell on negativity when I am creative person. Let’s keep it moving.

I also decided, as I wrote out some loglines, that they didn’t contain any of my usually sass and humor. So a quick rewrite of key words made it better.

Every week I want a minimum of five loglines to sate my takedown of negativity. I am very grateful for the opportunity to minimize negativity in my own way.

Happy creative endeavors.

Hello Friday

I am still sleepy, and I need to get awake, get this coffee, and move forward. It feels extra slow today, but this shall pass. I hope.

Handwrote an essay for this blog, but it needs to be typed and revisied. That will happen soon, then I can post it.

Didnt see much in my notepad today, but that’s fine. The day is still young. Still. I did make a note to add four character backgrounds so I best get on that soon. It ain’t gonna write itself.

Also had some ideas for some campy stories. I am embarrassed by them, but I’m a do them anyways…eventually.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Hello. This day is starting with neck pain that I will address as soon as I finish the post. Ibuprofen is my friend in these instances.

Spent yesterday trying to figure out who my main characters are. Wrote a lot of lines down, only to have a light bulb go off after I wrote, “this character belives…”

The moment I had the repsonse I knew what opposed that character. Some characters are clearer than others. It requires more writing on my part.

I still have more questions and research to do.

Happy creative endeavors.



Hope all is well, and y’all getting your creative flow on. That flow is inportant to a better day. I know, cause I want my creativity to stay flowing.

Yesterday, I revisited my notes on writing for television. They are, in part, universal story writing notes. I belive they can be apllied to other formats and mediums.

For the record, TV writing is a five-act struture. The focus is on character and emotional payoffs. It requires work, then more work. This is quite the delicious challenge.

One of the writing exercises was simply to note what’s going on in the world today. I filled a page. I want to write more.

Happy creative endeavors.