So, as I contemplated having self promoting loglines, I’ve written six that I wish to see move into a clarification/rewriting stage.

  • Hot mess of a screenwriter who loves structure, rewrites, and good deadlines.

  • Mild-mannered screenwriter with a love of writing science fiction and fantasy adventures.
  • Imaginative screenwriter with a focus on satirical and parody humor.
  • Dramatic screenwriter who loves character and action.
  • Creative screenwriter with a concentration on genre and character.
  • Bold screenwriter who enjoys dark humor.

Happy creative endeavors.


Up and About

Well, I’m feeling much better today. My neck is a littlen stiff, but before I take any pain keds, I need to eat something. That, and I just took my allergy meds. I hate taking too much meds at the same time. I am happy to NOT have nausea or a migraine attached to this pain.

That said, I am determined to create the self-logline today. At least something better than I wrote a few days ago. I belive my next three screenplays will be influenced by how I promote myself.

I did write a list of important topics. I have listed a few below, to keep my head in the game.

What we do know; I am a screenwriter (needs an adjective in front).

Now, for a single most import aspect, you need to know.

  • Genre-loving
  • Sci-fi and fantasy adventures
  • Sex and mythological adventures
  • Southern
  • Character
  • Emotional Payoffs
  • Imaginitive
  • Dark Humor
  • Aftican-American
  • Cinephile
  • Blogger

I have a lot to contemplate, but I have faith that I will figure it out.

Happy creative endeavors.

EDIT: I’m adding, “Satire and parody” and humor to this list, since I love a good giggle and silliness, which adds spice to my days.

Hello Thursday

Yesterday, after posting, I sincerely felt apathetic. Not because of the post, but rather a big wave of blahs took over. The blahs usually hit me on the weekends, so I was off guard.

The one great thing I did-that felt all I could do, is write down the feeling and give the trait to a character. It helped me build a premise. I like turning that angst into something positive. So, I feel like less a hot mess.

As the day progressed, I felt better, less blahs. Today, I’m up and about-thank God, and would love to do more creative endeavors.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

The Life

Last night I was resolved to keep blogging, and writing. Today I’m back in this mix.

Been working on loglines for various concepts, as I want them down to one sentence, and as honset is the sentence as possible. For example, I know one of my characters is an attention-seeking vlogger, which is important to what happens.

The crux of his problem is he suddenly gets overwhelming attention, and has to find a way to get people to chill. If he can’t then life will suck. Especially he’ll never have a moment’s peace again. So if i can distill that, I’d have a good one or two simple sentences that sum up my story.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Short Post

Had a random idea arrive that needed a logline, so worked on it. It was born after me reading articles about parody and satire. I need to read more in the genre.

Testing it on peeps to see if I am clear enough, or too darn vague. I eagerly await their responses. If the latter, I will put more work into it. Otherwise, I still gotta write.

Happy creative endeavors.

The Horror, the Horror

In October, I always see/watch a burst of horror films, and this has me thinking of horror genre. I guess this is a life long influence, as I do apprecuate a scary story one in a while.

In horror, the protagonist is never really safe (sometimes not even at the end of a film). These elements of the genre excite and scare me.

Clearly the unsafe aspects that haunt (often literally) the hero of the story. On top of that, there’s a that dreadful, unsafe feeling I can’t shake as a viewer that even I’m not safe. It’s quite the thrill.

These stories are dangerous, in an enticing way. As a child, I knew I shouldn’t have watched Dracula (or Wolf Man, Frankenstein, Omen, The Mummy, etc.), but I felt compelled to. I felt good when heroes got out of what seems impossible odds.

Even some science fiction has had some true horror elements. The film Alien is a classic example. The Thing (Carpenter version) is another. The ending to The Thing is ambiguous, but there are survivors.

This is also a turn of moments for me, as I tend to favor heroic stories and melodrama. Horror, still has a place, and I wonder a lot about creating worlds that are unsafe for the protagonists and the audience.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Not As Late As Yesterday

Well, I’m cooking, and therefore distracted. On top of that, I have a new idea not related to the current project I need to write down. Today is the deadline for me to complete the cast list for the current project. This means a seperate file. I already need to change the name of one character. No matter. After cooking is done (burgers), I’m going to do it.

Happy creative endeavors.