The Horror, the Horror

In October, I always see/watch a burst of horror films, and this has me thinking of horror genre. I guess this is a life long influence, as I do apprecuate a scary story one in a while.

In horror, the protagonist is never really safe (sometimes not even at the end of a film). These elements of the genre excite and scare me.

Clearly the unsafe aspects that haunt (often literally) the hero of the story. On top of that, there’s a that dreadful, unsafe feeling I can’t shake as a viewer that even I’m not safe. It’s quite the thrill.

These stories are dangerous, in an enticing way. As a child, I knew I shouldn’t have watched Dracula (or Wolf Man, Frankenstein, Omen, The Mummy, etc.), but I felt compelled to. I felt good when heroes got out of what seems impossible odds.

Even some science fiction has had some true horror elements. The film Alien is a classic example. The Thing (Carpenter version) is another. The ending to The Thing is ambiguous, but there are survivors.

This is also a turn of moments for me, as I tend to favor heroic stories and melodrama. Horror, still has a place, and I wonder a lot about creating worlds that are unsafe for the protagonists and the audience.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Not As Late As Yesterday

Well, I’m cooking, and therefore distracted. On top of that, I have a new idea not related to the current project I need to write down. Today is the deadline for me to complete the cast list for the current project. This means a seperate file. I already need to change the name of one character. No matter. After cooking is done (burgers), I’m going to do it.

Happy creative endeavors.

What On Earth…

One thing I was doing with this current story is solidifying the settings. Its science fiction, futuristic, no aliens, and was supposed to take place on various planets. There’s no light speed, but wormholes. You can get where you need to go.

That said, nothing outside of an alien (not from Earth at all) element gave the story a reason to take place on another planet. So I am wondering if it should all take place on earth, and where does this rare element go? It is important to the story. I’ve got to find a way to emphasize this. That or change the element altogether.

Happy creative endeavors

“C and Split the Difference”

“C” is for confidant, or “Stay confidant.” It’s my mantra when approaching goals, as my days stay chaotic.  I wish to keep myself moving forward with my dreams and goals, and even small tasks have been tied up, so a pleasant reminder helps.

“Split the Difference”  is me wanting to buy something, and it costs a lot. I tell myself simply cut the amount I want to spend. This is helping my reduce spending, and get on top of bills.

That said, I’m been reduced to a day of blogging, as my hours have changed more, and I’m working six days a week. Needless to say, that has really been tiring. My eating/appetite went deep into chaos. Sleep is a hot mess.

Still, I’m going to press forward, let the negative fall to the wayside, and keep looking at my own goals for personal growth and success. Not giving up on myself.

Happy creative endeavors.

No Bad Dreams Allowed

Last night I had a dream where I decided to take up running. Cool running outfit and everything. As I ran, I was ready for the pain associated with me trying to exercise; shortness of breath, pain in my legs, and chest, and wanting to fall on the floor and lay there until I calm down.

To my surprise, there was no pain, or negative symptoms. Even better I felt energized, so I kept running.  I woke up from that dream feeling happy. It that moment I saw myself as strong, enduring, and moving towards greatness and happiness.

I like this dream, simple, sweet, and didn’t have me waking up feeling confused, disrupted, or upset — as sometimes my dreams can leave me in those states.  

For the record, I don’t know what this dream fully meant. My interpretation is that I’m doing something good, or about to go in the right direction. Can I have more dreams like this one?  

That said I wasn’t writing for a few weeks as things got very chaotic, BUT I think I was fortunate to have the luxury to abandon projects temporarily. As I review the notes I see them with fresher, eyes. Some things make more sense, and had me thinking and writing down  my thoughts.  

Happy creative endeavors.  

Visions of Love and Writing

This is completely separate from my own current ambitious with projects, but I’ve always wanted to write a collection of love stories.

The goal would be to write, enjoy, and share them. I kinda even want a visual component to them to make it seem a little more fantastical and theatrical (love comics or films).  I want to have fun with the genre without a care in the world.

This will likely have me creating stories that are filled with sex, mythology, humor, and varying stages romance.

This been a dream of mine for a long time. I think it comes from watching melodramas, space operas, and reading comics for ages.  They’ve revisited my imagination—sorta.

Happy creative endeavors.

An Emotional Response

Here’s something I was thinking about, in regards to writing stories and scripts. I was wondering what and how I, the writer, can create something that I, the viewer, could emotionally respond to. Sounds simpler in my head.

A while ago, I wrote out a story where the characters’ actions dictated a lot of the conflict, as opposed to dialogue. It had a sense of urgency and danger, and I kept the scene, not knowing how or when to use it.

I experimented with this method a couple of times, then abandoned it. There was, however, something to be said when you can only imagine parts of the sounds and words, as well as feeling the urgency and danger.

I think that time has come to revisit this aspect of writing.  I don’t have a why now so much as it crossed my mind moment, and I’m always looking at ways to tell stories and retain some impact past a moment.

Happy creative endeavors.