A Wednesday

Today calls for light rain, and that’s fine. I did the writing I said I was going to do in yesterday’s post. It was not what I expected.  For clarity, I said I was going to write some poems from the main character’s (and allies) perspective to help me see who they are in this novel.

Writing a poem from the protagonist’s perspective proved to be tricky and broken. Broken because I kept getting distracted repeatedly. I did get a point of view, and I hope to have time to work on this more.  As a main character I know he’s going through phases, and I need to address the final phase as a hero, which he may, or may not understand and want.  I need to “hear” what he’s saying.

The allies have proved to be easier. I wrote something already on one of them, and decided that it was the right way to go with that character.  That character is a trickster archetype, so my notes reflect exactly what I want to say. I still need to write a poem from his POV because I feel it will help me ease into his thoughts better.

The third character is tricky because in my notes I knew what I wanted and who I said she was, and the fact that she shifts a lot in her her persona and actions (her archetype is shape shifter). I suppose this is more like a duality, but I understand where her conflict lies.

Another ally to work on, for the moment, is also a bit of a shapeshifter archetype, since he has opposing viewpoints, but isn’t evil. He’s more of a reluctant ally, and while I can hear his voice, I can’t nail down his point of view yet.  I do think if I look back at what I wrote for him (for the novel), I’ll hear his voice better.

Happy creative endeavors.



Weekend Warrior!!!

I’m hopped up on latte, so please forgive the apostrophes. It’s very early for me, and I need to be a little hyped, or I may fall asleep while thinking. That said, last Friday I was adding notes to my novel, when I put down the word, “what happens if this story takes place in outer space,” which was a pro and a con. A pro is that this would be another layer to this story. The bad thing is, the layer would make this story a bit more complicated, and I haven’t sorted through my other thoughts.

That said, once things get sorted, then maybe addressing this layer might be plausible. A friend suggested that I save these notes fora separate story, which makes sense. I’m thinking spin-off of some sort. It’s too early to tell. There also needs to be a list of all the major characters on one page. Why? It will have all the major players on one page that can be referred to as needed.

I was thinking more on some stories I wrote concepts down for, and to no surprise, I added to this list yesterday. Then I giggled because it got funnier the more  I thought of them, and I remind myself to work on them a little later, but I have a feeling about these ones.  It might lead somewhere.

Now, back to note taking, and eventual more novel writing.  Let me get that list out of the way, then move on.

Happy creative endeavors. Get it done.  🙂

I Had a Deep Thought, Then…

I was ready for a profound post to drop, then the moment left me.  That’s not a bad thing. Sometimes writing to write feels good to me. The holidays are a bit chaotic, not terrible, but feels hectic, a little fast, and me trying to get myself together.

I’m reminded that one must keep writing-for better or worse-to at least keep their minds fresh, and in good habits. Typical with me I start with a blog post.

Spent some time trying to write a humorous Krampus poem, and failed, but I might get back on top of that mainly cause I wanted to do something that was silly, possibly annoying (at least I think it is), but kept me writing in addition to my blog.

Failed to discuss the movies I saw in November and December. I did get to see Dr. Strange, and Rogue One.  I enjoyed both outings. Rogue One was strong, and I loved that in a Star Wars film.  Don’t get me wring, I like dThe Force Awakens, but this one had more impact for me.

More on that stuff later.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

What Day is It?

It’s been a long week, where the days are blending in a way that I find disjointing.  I forgot today was Wednesday, and swore it was Thursday, which only added to my dilemma. Once I realized my mistake, I was a bit mad with myself, then laughed. I was too far into the future.

This is the last day of finals, so the students have thinned out, after nine days of super busy moments that left me drained.  No wonder I didn’t know which way was up. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t a few days ago.

Also managed to do some new writing for the novel, and that’s good.  it’s handwritten, and I found time to scribble it down between busy people, and all sorts of demands to get things done. It needs lots of work, but it adds to the story, and I hope to continue top write.

Happy creative endeavors.

A Sunday

Yesterday was odd. I felt very mopey and non-creative.  I was very distracted, and it made me grouchy. I did some gaming, and I liked playing, but I wasn’t fully into it.  Needless to say, Saturday had a slumpy feel to it.  I did do something nice for someone else, topped off the gas for their vehicle, and that made me feel better.

For the record, I made an extra-cheesy baked mac and cheese casserole, and it was so good, but it will give you gas because if you’re like me, you can have a little cheese, but a lot will make you…breezy.  It happens. I accept the penalty. I won’t eat like this every day.

Today is a new day, and I feel like not doing much.  I have a lot of ideas in my head, and I need to implement them, even if it’s a once sentence at a time day. Who knew Thanksgiving weekend could be drier than an overcooked turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. There are many things to be thankful for, such as living, having a job, or even another chance to be creative again.

Been slacking off, as the semester revs up to finals, and the library’s going to be open longer. This means I’ll be busier, and somewhat stressed out. Those days pile up to a point where I personally *don’t* want to do much but not be stressed, or frustrated. It happens, then the finals is over, and I go rest.

One thing that helps me de-stress is writing–even though it can frustrate the heck outta me, and I know, like I always do, is go back to writing. That said it’s time to think and do more writing. I’ll talk less about it until I have completed material to talk about. Did have some random ideas I wrote down, and I feel I’ve got a lot of unformed ideas.

Today I did some cooking, spent some time with fam, and now after eating, I just want to be mellow. Somehow I needed up thinking of my blog, and knew what needed to be done.

Happy creative endeavors.

The Notes App Trap

For those in the know, I love my Notes app when it comes to writing in a pinch, or having ideas and not wanting to sit at a laptop. The bulk of a short story came from writing in Notes, and I loved it. I wrote out my best short story via Notes. I also wrote out parts of scripts and screenplays via Notes. 

What I had were chunks of material that perhaps needed trimming for the short story.  For the scripts I had a gang of stuff that I either used or tossed away. It’s kind of a mixed bag when it comes to Notes. I think on this as I wrote out a huge chunk for a scene, and I fear overwriting it. 

Sounds like a good time as any to stop, transfer to Word, format, and let it cool off. 

Oddly enough, for dialog, it works great as it typically lacks describe until I process it in Word. Maybe that’s what need to do: keep it simple. 

Happy creative endeavors