Some Ham With My Disdain

I’m cranky, moody, and feeling meh. It sucks to feel that lack of positive do good energy that gives me the pep powah to deal with a day filled with negatives.

That said, as I was thinking on stories and characters. I was like, why can’t I have hammy creative moments while I am feeling so disdainful? It ain’t perfection, but I wanna feel better than I do right now.

So nothing needs to be right, perfect, or the bestest thing ever. It needs to speak to me, like it knows I needed a laugh, smile, and smirk. Everything else is everything else.

Happy creative endeavors.


When, A, Must, Or

“When, a, must, or” are key words used when creating a logline. I belive I’ve mentioned this before.

Yesterday, I insited on turning negativity into a postive by converting the situations into loglines. There is no need for me to dwell on negativity when I am creative person. Let’s keep it moving.

I also decided, as I wrote out some loglines, that they didn’t contain any of my usually sass and humor. So a quick rewrite of key words made it better.

Every week I want a minimum of five loglines to sate my takedown of negativity. I am very grateful for the opportunity to minimize negativity in my own way.

Happy creative endeavors.

The More I Write

The more I learn about writing. The more I understand formatting, and how to shape ideas into sterner, attractive material. I do wanna keep y’alls attention.

I also have to face my instincts, which is to look at sillier ideas, and explore them. Every time I try to write “serious,” or emulate a tone in that vein, I end up falling short. The stories never fulfill me.

I should be writing things I like. So, what do I like to write?

I like silly, funny, laugh out loud moments, weirdness, monsters, imagintive stories. I like kink, irreverence, mischief, lunacy with charm. I also like to tease, mock, parody, satire, and goof off in stories.

I wanna play, have fun, be hammy as all get out, and feel like I can forget a whole day of woes in a story. I like to smash away agony, even if for a short while.

I feel we all can use time to not be bombarded by suffering.

When I write like I want, I don’t think of it as a chore, a labor, or a hard hurdle. Everything seems to fall into place, or I finess it into place.

I do want to be taken seriously, and for some insecure reason, I feel goober material makes me a less serious person and writer. I should quit lying to myself.

Fun is style, tone, and substance. A little dramtic, comedic flair never hurt nobody.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

A Thursday

Yesterday was all about dealing with problems and petty people. The petty part was annoyong, however, I had a job to do, and it isnt to manage people’s feelings. That said, the problem was fixable, and needs a little more TLC to prevent it from showing up again. In that, I feel accomplished. Still more work to do.

I would like to develop a better plan for writing. I can and will manage this project. Right now I am looking at my current writing themes and ambitions.

I have a desire to read more escapist fiction. So why not write it? I wish to plan, execute, complete, and publish or produce.

A Brother has dreams.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

The Hustle

It seems like the moment I stopped blooging, my creativity wained. Granted, illness had me on the ropes. I was tired last weekend. Resting was my best option. The only thing I did was place a few random notes down on paper. This has to change.

I also used a “you write like” program, where I took a sample of my writing, and it told me I wrote like Stephanie Meyers. For those not in the know, she wrote the Twilight series. Not my taste in books, stories, or film adaptations.

Well, it could be worse. It could have said E.L. James. Mind you, I don’t hate a writer’s hustle or success, but I’m not a fan of the text.

So here I am, appalled by my own writing. Not stopping my hustle though.

Happy creative endeavors.

The Legend of the Goof

Today I didn’t want to do much. Clearly my indifference has left me a hot mess. As I contemplate creativity, I was wondering if I can write with a funny, silly, goofy tone, and keep it up. This is also an extention of a conversation I had with a friend a qhile ago.

We discussed how we’d write some established characters. She went with more a more strident ideas. Creative and character rich. I went for a more goofy set of ideas. I really didn’t want to take myself too serious. I had my fill of serious.

I wanted to indulge my inner-goober. It made me feel good, I laughed, and it was decidedly different from a lot.of heavier material I was reading and watching at the time.

Her response was for me to keep writing in this tone. Why not embrace writing stories that weren’t always serious-a counter-balance. This rings true, as my blahs blast me. I need keep my creativity flowing.

Also, tonight’s film is The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. Another Harryhausen SFX classic.

As always, happy creative endeavors.