So Not Together

This weekend has been me, not putting my best foot forward as towards writing.  While I have been writing, it has been sporadic, and not with any intent of completing anything. I feel kinda bad about that, but unless I get off my duff, nothing is gonna happen in regards to things happening.

That said I did write down a lot of random ideas, and thing of the direction I needed to go for not only my novel, but what else am I writing at the moment. It doesn’t help that I am obsessed with gaming to a point that it’s what I want to do with free time.  While gaming is pleasurable, it’s not writing.  I’ve put myself in a hole of sorts.

What does this mean? It means I need to get on point.  If I can put the effort into writing like I do games, I think I can get more done.  Also, sometimes I feel very, very frustrated by the writing process. I was POSITIVE I locked down the total direction of the novel, but I was wrong.


Gotta figure stuff out.

Happy creative endeavors.


Tricky Behavior

Let me start by saying writing a novel is complicated. I feel like it’s continuous activities that never cease. I have four books I need to glance over for research, and still have to write more. Was looking over one of the ally characters, who more or less didn’t have a strong presence in the story other than being mentor-ish.  He evolved into a trickster who was a bit too cunning and I quickly became unsure of who’s side he was really on, and what he was up to.  Needless to say I jotted down a lot of notes to help “see” this character stronger.

The second all I did see and develop in her own right so she stood out. Not a trickster, but I have a story arc for her that’s good, and ties into other characters, so she’s on point for the moment.  The third all I have no clue what he’s up to and feel he’s in the same place the first all was. He’s not going to be a trickster, but I need to figure out where/who he is, or he’s just hanging about saying “hello,” and being pretty much a lampshade in the corner collecting dust.

For the most part the main genre has stayed the same, which is bizarro, and there’s a lot more to do.  Started drafting a new outline, so I hope I’m moving forward. To paraphrase a former instructor, “resolve your story issues in your outline, or you may get stuck.”  If not, you may hear about it via the blog.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.


Hello World,

While I have’t blogged in a few days, it didn’t mean that I wasn’t writing. My schedule was a bit chaotic, and I found that I wasn’t getting my posts done. I hate that, but at the same time, I was waiting for a free day to post something.

A couple of the character’s for the novel have more viable roles. It took me a moment to figure it out, however, they grew once I wrote out some general thoughts, suddenly became relatable. Slowly the pieces and characters reshape themselves. It’s been worthwhile exploring the options.

I also looked back on how to introduce the main character, who he is, and how he relates in this world. I’ve been looking over and researching some to better define his roles for me and the story.  He’s gone though a lot of changes, but I like where I’m going.

Only one thing concerns me. Several of the characters have a political hierarchy. That is they relate to each other via those roles. The MC might be at the bottom of this hierarchy, and therefore doesn’t relate to several of the people. This may or may not be feel for discord/conflict, so I see potential greatness for him being.

I have much more work to do.

Happy creative endeavors.

Genre Shifts

I looked back at my notes and writing for the novel, and observed that it has a lot dystopian elements. Being southern, the elements/tools of oppression focus on religion, which is interesting. BTW this isn’t a YA novel–I noticed many of those I hear about–or seen the movie version are dystopia-based. One of them seemed downright post-apocalyptic. That said my main character is nineteen. On a side note I thought of making the lead character forty-something, but I don’t want to overwhelm myself, and may save the idea for another story.

This novel started, and still is a bizarro genre-based story.  The novel still contains a lot of its absurd, weird, and surreal elements, as well as fantastical elements set in the modern world. For the sake of brevity–I’d say this novel is a weird urban fantasy. This all leads me to that I’ve traveled this far with the story, and here I am contemplating what it has become. This has thrown me off a little, yet excited me.

I’m excited because there are elements of the story I didn’t recognize at first, but instead of just touching on them, I can address this material. It represents a shift in some of the plot, and some of the actions/characters. I’m happy that I can make this progress, particularly when I’ve been in a fog of finals, and my creativity took a nose dive off a steep cliff. It’ll still be one word at a time, but with a little more nuance and knowledge.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

Chapter Progress

For the past few days I’ve been working on a chapter for my novel, and it’s taking good enough shape to be a true first draft of a chapter. This is the kind of  progress I’m pleased with, as when I first wrote this chapter, it was a raw set of ideas, and really didn’t give a reader enough details.  What I also found, as I kept writing, was that I missed certain elements of conflict necessary to push any action forward.

For example, this chapter introduced a minor antagonist, but that character had little to say or interaction with the main character (MC), and that to me didn’t really make that character an antagonist–minor or otherwise. I also felt I needed to have an option where the MC is able to opt out of the confrontation, and if he took this option where he’d be safe and return to his old life.  He had to make a choice, and suddenly moved from his old life to this new adventure.

For me, once the MC crosses a threshold from ordinary life to an extraordinary adventure, the story picks up, and now I’m in act two of of the novel. While I wrote some previous chapters, I am wondering does the novel really pick up here, and are some of the previous chapters superfluous? I don’t know, but I feel like I have a stronger set up at this point, and while I still need to complete this chapter, I’m nervous about some of what I wrote, and what needs to be cut from previous chapters.

If writing were perfect, I’d have all the answers, no? What I do have is a damn good start of a chapter that really defines a crucial part of the story.  That’s a great thing, and gives me some clarity. Like I always said, writing is rewriting.

Happy creative endeavors.

Erotic Fiction Melted My Laptop(s)

Well sorta, let me backtrack. A while back I tried my hand at writing erotic fiction, but it never really read like erotic fiction. More like bad porn, and I kept trying to revise the dang story. The first time I did this, I thought I had a great story. I was a genius, and then my laptop crashed hard. I had to send it back to the manufactures to get repaired, and I lost ALL the data I hadn’t saved. It was a lesson learned–at least the wrong lesson, which is I shouldn’t write erotic fiction.

Fast forward a few years, and a new laptop later, I made an attempt to write another erotic fiction story. It started like the last one, which was BAD porn fiction. However, I kept working on it because I KNEW I could do better than my last piss poor attempts.  I revised, and revised. I even put it away for a while and when back to it with fresh eyes.  I made a tiny bit of progress that had a hint of character development, which gave me hope. I was also positive that I saved the story to an external drive, but in reality, I didn’t.

Then my computer crashed, hard.  The screen was blank, and I couldn’t get it to function. I had to re-install all my software, and let me tell you that was painstaking.  Anything I didn’t save, I lost. So, my second story vanished back into the ether. I took it as a sign that I was bad at any kind of erotic story, and should leave the writing to the pros.

Reflecting on this situation, I’m reminded of my bad timing, and the fact that I wrote a third erotic story that I did save, and I liked because it wasn’t a “porn story.” That is to say while sex was on both character’s minds, there was some seduction going on, also I was experimenting with wordplay, and it had a medieval-fantasy setting. I hadn’t opened this file in a while, but I have it copied, and I LOVE  that my computer didn’t die on me.

Maybe my laptops hate bad fiction in general, and preferred to kill themselves than have those stories stored in their system, or it sacrificed itself to save me from embarrassing myself. I like to think it was a noble sacrifice.  Either way, my laptops proved the existence of “brain bleach,” and had their memories wiped.

I’m going to write more erotic fiction, and I’m gonna see if my laptop will hold itself together.

Happy creative endeavors.

The Notes App Trap

For those in the know, I love my Notes app when it comes to writing in a pinch, or having ideas and not wanting to sit at a laptop. The bulk of a short story came from writing in Notes, and I loved it. I wrote out my best short story via Notes. I also wrote out parts of scripts and screenplays via Notes. 

What I had were chunks of material that perhaps needed trimming for the short story.  For the scripts I had a gang of stuff that I either used or tossed away. It’s kind of a mixed bag when it comes to Notes. I think on this as I wrote out a huge chunk for a scene, and I fear overwriting it. 

Sounds like a good time as any to stop, transfer to Word, format, and let it cool off. 

Oddly enough, for dialog, it works great as it typically lacks describe until I process it in Word. Maybe that’s what need to do: keep it simple. 

Happy creative endeavors