The Horror, the Horror

In October, I always see/watch a burst of horror films, and this has me thinking of horror genre. I guess this is a life long influence, as I do apprecuate a scary story one in a while.

In horror, the protagonist is never really safe (sometimes not even at the end of a film). These elements of the genre excite and scare me.

Clearly the unsafe aspects that haunt (often literally) the hero of the story. On top of that, there’s a that dreadful, unsafe feeling I can’t shake as a viewer that even I’m not safe. It’s quite the thrill.

These stories are dangerous, in an enticing way. As a child, I knew I shouldn’t have watched Dracula (or Wolf Man, Frankenstein, Omen, The Mummy, etc.), but I felt compelled to. I felt good when heroes got out of what seems impossible odds.

Even some science fiction has had some true horror elements. The film Alien is a classic example. The Thing (Carpenter version) is another. The ending to The Thing is ambiguous, but there are survivors.

This is also a turn of moments for me, as I tend to favor heroic stories and melodrama. Horror, still has a place, and I wonder a lot about creating worlds that are unsafe for the protagonists and the audience.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


Truth Is…

I think research may need to be broken into two parts. While article searching and reading is going well, I would like to take my time to figure out the voices of my characters. In addition, I’d like to look at shows that could have a postive influence on my project. I’d like do do this without trying to OD on films during a weekend.

So, week 3 is research, and week 4 is phase 2 research. We will see what happens.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Research has yielded some fascinating results. I want to explore more, and this has me excited.

Here We Are Again

Last night, the beast of procrastination and sleep hit me before I could type out act 4 of my outline. I hand wrote it out, and was ready to go to bed with the hope of catching it today. Well. That would not do.

Turned on the laptop, put on some music, and typed out act 4. Then I went on to type act 5. So the first round of this outline is done.

I learned some things too; my secondary (B) story was shorter than expected. It’s now the C story. The original C story needed expanding, so I switched those. Also some new characters showed up for the first time.

Also more details are needed, but I expected that. The primary goal was to get the ideas out of my head onto paper. I also noticed I started off timid. Then as I wrote more, the sentences were longer.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

What On Earth…

One thing I was doing with this current story is solidifying the settings. Its science fiction, futuristic, no aliens, and was supposed to take place on various planets. There’s no light speed, but wormholes. You can get where you need to go.

That said, nothing outside of an alien (not from Earth at all) element gave the story a reason to take place on another planet. So I am wondering if it should all take place on earth, and where does this rare element go? It is important to the story. I’ve got to find a way to emphasize this. That or change the element altogether.

Happy creative endeavors

I Thought It Was Friday, but Its Thursday!

True story, woke up all kinds of freaked out. Errands to run, brain overloaded with ideas, and overnight ideas for this new story.

Let’s talk about this real quick. My hero needs a distraction, as he’s sexually frustrated. His solution, an escort. The idea is wanting to be touched, be loved, and wanted dominates his mind.

It’s a moment where a potential episode is about hooking up while everything else is going on.

This is in stark contrast to what I was thinking when I wanted to do a set of goofy-inspired stories. For example: being stuck on the moon, trapped in clouds, crazed witches popping up to hex everyone for the hell of it.

Gotta love a hex-sling witch who essentally is a f*cker. Nothing better to do than to mess with people.

Who knows. Maybe it all works. Maybe it doesn’t. I know I don’t want to be 100% serious all the time, and I need laughs. It makes things better.

Can wanting sex be funny/hilarious? Maybe, and also touching/sweet at the same time.

Petite Post V

I love how the previous post can open up a topic for the next post. Yesterday I wondered if I was writing sitcoms and didnt know this. This is my theory to explore.

My evidence: Most of my writing is comical. I’ve had sitcoms on the brain for the past few months. I love laughing, and sharing laughs cause being sad can suck sometimes. Not all sitcoms have the same tone, and have been animated, different genres, and some aimed at adults, or youngsters.

That said I would like to see what I could with a set of episodes. Gotta keep it moving.

Next post will be about if I always write protagonists that are marginalized people.

Happy creative endeavors.

Can I Get This Done?

Today I have to figure out how I am going to get pitches/proposals for four shows done soon.  Not that there’s a rush. I should get them done so just the same. Part of this process if for me to help shape my stories a lot stronger than i have in the past.  It will take a lot more effort that I put in projects in the past, and will keep working towards professionalism and excellence.

With this in mind I want to buckle down and throw my inner-censor out the window.  I also want to embrace character-driven stories, so that means thinking more of the emotional stakes of the characters.  That doesn’t always shine through at the initial stages of my writing, but if writing is rewriting, then I know it’s a matter of time before I get there.  

As I mentioned yesterday, I love plot-driven stories, and I have had a steady diet of them, but I’m willing to try new methods of storytelling to reach my goal of becoming a full-time televisions writer-producer who creates his own shows.  I also eventually want to help others reach their goals, but one step at a time, right?

Happy creative endeavors.