It’s Only Desire

Usually in stories (films come to mind), the character with the strongest desire can be potentially the most fascinating.  I always think of how Darth Vader in Empire Strikes Back, Maleficent, in Sleeping Beauty, and the Queen in Snow White all have the strongest motives in the story.  Sure, Luke wants to be a Jedi, and that’s cool. Aurora wants to marry the guy she just met, and that’s…odd (story there), and Snow White knows she’s in trouble (fleeing is rational-but then she becomes a homemaker).

All the villains have the clear cut desires and seem to drive the film further.  Darth Vader wants Luke -I assumed it was revenge for destroying the Death Star, but it got deeper and personal. We see a lot of Vader and his obsession, and what happens to people who disappoint him. It got real ugly at the Empire.

Maleficent made pettiness an art form; Don’t invite her to a christening, and your baby gets viciously cursed, and she doesn’t stop there. She mocks Prince Phillip after capturing him, and is deeply satisfied with herself.

The Queen is so vain, she goes through great lengths to murder Snow White.  She even ruins her own beauty to get close to her victim. That’s some sick dedication that for a brief moment, paid off. She’s like the tragic hero in a play with the fatal flaw of vanity.

Are these antagonists secretly the protagonists in the films?  After all their desires/emotions seem to push the story further. If they don’t do what they do, get thwarted multiple times, and push back, then nothing would happen.

Perhaps without Vader’s assertiveness (and story focus upon), during his training, Luke would have been extra-extra foolish and made a b-line for Vader for killing his father, then discovered the truth. Thus it would be about Luke’s own personal needs.  It’s more of Vader pushed all the right buttons.

Maybe Aurora relocated as a child, found herself preoccupied with helping others in her teens, and discovered the curse and her origins? What if Snow white fled from some unknown danger,  discovered the dwarfs, and they train her to fight, only to discover this evil queen after her is stuck on being the fairest?

That’s just me thinking about the scenarios without the villain driving the story. The films would be different for sure, but the motives and actions of the heroes would be stronger in my opinion. These are the things I think about when writing myself. Seriously, villains get a lot of screen time, and some of their motives are so strong they dominate the story. It makes them very, very intriguing, and I realize they usually have the strongest emotions, or the stronger focus on their emotions/needs.

As always, happy creative endeavors.



Belladonna of Sadness

Looking forward to seeing this one eventually. Made in the 70s, it’s a surrealist tragic tale of a woman who is brutalized, rebuilds herself, and eventually persecuted, and killed. Belladonna of Sadness contains elements of surrealism, limited animation, and psychedelic music/animation. The trailer speaks for itself.

Action Writer

I’ve noticed lately, the things I got caught up in, when I watch films is the action. So as I consider the fact besides liking bad characters (mainly the naughty ones are fun), elements of humor, parody, and satire. Friends suggested most of my stories contain elements of dark humor, sex, and mythology. They are all correct. What I also like is some action. Things need to happen. I get all caught up in action, mainly because that’s where the story’s led to. So this is me also looking at focusing on action as a genre to write a few stories withing.

That also means looking at adventure elements. Adventure is more of exploring the landscape, and seeing things-and happens to contain action. In films, and sometimes video games, the genres seem to go hand in hand, thus I see “action-adventure” as a descriptive for films. What does this mean for me? I’m possible delving into more fantastical and science-fiction worlds. Places that look different, or look exotic–if there is a such thing. That’s not to say this word doesn’t offer some things. I like the idea of exploring places, and discovering new things, boundaries, and pathways.

Needless to say, my brain is working overtime to contemplate the wonders of this genre. Also because I can tell you I watch a lot of action films for pleasure. They offer an escape from the real world for a brief time. Something to get excited and lost into for a short while.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

It’s Been a While

I haven’t posted in a while.  Will keep this short and sweet. The rain has Ben ridiculous in SC. No, I’m not flooded in, thank goodness, however there are many people who have had flooded homes, and suffered some serious losses. So I take a moment to reflect on this harsh times for others. 

I’m inspired by a friend to watch horror movies in October, though I don’t need a real reason to watch them. I like them. The moment’s film is Brahm Stoker’s Dracula. Seen it several times, but it’s been a while since I looked at. Someone suggested that this film is more gothic romance than horror. I see it as a demented fairy tale. I do like the costuming in this film. It has its own lure. 

Happy creative endeavors.  

An Interpretation

As an artist, I like to compose or interpret themes and images. So someone like me could help the world see a moment of anxiety through visual means, or with a mix of words.

So, today is a day that has me thinking about how to interpret emotions and ideas into a script or screenplay. They are words, but translate into a visual world. So say, how does one tell the story of the dawn, or anxiety that feels, well expressed?

Perhaps it needs more pondering to see where it leads to. I am intrigued and need to see something fresh before me. There is also a desire to not ignore all the skills I’ve acquired as a visual artist. Sometimes it feels like there’s a struggle and trade when I write as opposed to drawing. It’s not necessarily true that it is trade off. I can’t do both at the same time. I’d need an extra set of working hands, and a mind that could focus on two distinct things at the same time.

So perhaps this is a return of sorts for me. I look forward to the results.

Happy creative endeavors.

A Late Night Post with Film Talk

Decided to watch Empire Strikes Back,one of my favorite movies. Now that I have it in, I believe it’s time to write a post.  Was working on something earlier, however, I wanted to edit it further, as it is an essay, That doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t have a post for today. A professor once said to the class, “writing is rewriting,” but I think it leads to writing beats more writing, at time. It’s just that nothing ends for me at simply one project. There is more to write. This professor also asked the class what films did we watch over the weekend. You can’t write screenplays without at least watching films. So for keeping that engrained in my brain, I have to thank Chris Auer for that.

it’s been cold today, but not freezing.  My room gets real warm, so the temps may be different in other places of the house.  Here I sit watching whatever movies strike my face.  That reminds me, Alien was on the other night. I love that film.  It’s a good mix of science fiction and horror. It’s also a film where in some pots the flashing lights play havoc on my eyes.  That final scene where Ripley is in the shuttle, and the creature outstretches its hand to grab her was perfectly disarming. Glad she didn’t give up and die, and fought back.

An older film, Leviathan was on.  it’s also a mix of science fiction and horror.  it’s nowhere a deep film, but nostalgia compelled me to watch it.  I enjoy it, but unless you’re curious for something older and undersea, you’ll be bored. There are some elements one could just see is going to happen before they do. It was still a fun watch for me, after all the years of not seeing it.

I’m gonna mention Predator (the original) because its been on several times, and I always end up watching it. I don’t know if it’s sci-fi horror. It does have some suspense and actions with a whole predator and prey angle. It’s pretty enjoyable film for me. it’s the strongest of all the predator films. Predators (note plural) wasn’t a bad film.

Be very leery of the Aliens vs Predators films. I’ll talk of those on a later date. I saw the first. it was ok. It did a lot to tie some elements of both franchises together.  The second film, I tried to watch, and turned my TV for lack on interest. I can say the first AvP did have some tension and suspense (and break a lot of rules for what we know).  The second seemed to pit teens/youngsters against the creature. Don’t know if that’s 100% accurate as I didn’t pay attention. It really wasn’t sci-fi horror to me.

So clearly, I have a lot to say, even when I’m editing essays I have yet to post.  I can talk of films all day, and happy to mention some of the things that interested me within to course of the day.

For the record, I have been writing more scenes, and I so need to get them formatted and presentable.

Happy creative endeavors, and see some good films.

A James Bond Sunday

Film watching is a way for me to unwind my mind. Since I can watch a film, I choose Skyfall, a James Bond film. I love genre films, and espionage simply does it for me. Interestingly enough, it informs me of projects I’m currently working on, or shelved. I needed to see something that was non-fantasy or science fantasy for that matter. It gives me different perspective on how story worlds work, as the elements and film form pop back into my head (can never leave cinema studies behind). So far this film has a lot of politics and espionage. I like the revenge angle. Not sure if M is gonna make it.

The look of the “crossing the ice scene” looks great. Powerful image. I could just sit and watch that all day.

Writing’s been suffering of late, but I will say this, job hunting has been up.  No less than ten applications went out last Friday. I’m exhausted, from applying, but I will do more this upcoming week to keep the ball rolling. I’m pleased to keep the efforts going. Will write something constructive a little later, but I wanted a blog post. It’s the first since I restored my laptop. I’ve used other devices to post.

Well, off to do some writing, and hopefully some progress on various things.

As always, happy creative endeavors.