I Lost My Wallet

Four words I never want to utter, nor think about. Yet today I did. Was sure my wallet was in my pocket, as I placed it there, or at least I thought I did when I was distracted.

Needless to say this morning as I knocked over some papers, bent to pick it up, I dropped my wallet in the process.  Without realizing this, I walked outta the house, got to work, and didn’t have a clue.

Of course, I needed to get some coffee, and I reached for my wallet, only to find it wasn’t there, and I had no clue as to where I misplaced it.  I retraced my steps, and it wasn’t outside.  I went into panic mode.  I got permission to go look for it, and went home thinking it may have fallen in my patio.

Over time I found where I dropped it, which was a relief, but I was rather dismayed that I could have potentially had my info and bank card stolen.  That’s all I need within the course of my day to be saddled with the drama of freezing my card, replacing my items, and just feeling ok.

Since I was able to calm down some, I’ve been trying to be grateful and should do some writing, which I haven’t, but for me, starting with a blog post helps put me in a writing frame of mind.

Happy creative endeavors.


Wednesday Progress

Sometimes it truly is a one word at a time, AND a one day at a time moment when it comes to writing. Broke open my print journal and started writing. It was mainly to keep me doing something creative and constructive as far as writing goes.  Only a tad bit of creative fiction came from this session, however, I was happy for the start.

So, this effort needs to be duplicated today.  Also some more random musings, that I couldn’t write down because I was busy, however I liked the idea, and its stuck with me. This was like earlier in the day where I did get the time to write down a descriptive–and that was a great moment.  Now I have newer random ideas I owe to myself to sit down and write or type.

Budget has gone to heck. Sometimes family–for better or worse interferes with my good intentions, then CONSTANTLY works my nerves over my budget. When I say I’m low, and I want to save, that’s EXACTLY what I mean.  When I go over, I’m in the hole.  I need to get out. Why after verbalizing this, do people come at me for SPENDING more money for their needs?

When peeps don’t have time to hear things nicely, then the time for being the bigger person is over. It’s time for some rudeness. It seems  the less than diplomatic words get the job done. Ugh. Just Ugh. LOL

I like being nice, and less grouchy, but sometimes I gotta show people the wolf is real.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Not blowing my budget.

Guilty Pleasure

I have to admit a guilty pleasure I enjoy watching is Young & the Restless. Yes, I have a thing for this soap opera, watch it, enjoy, and it’s fun.  Let me be fair and say that sometimes it bears not watching. The story lines can get dried up, or blatantly boring/dumb to me. I stop, and later resume watching after some time away.  I see if I can figure out who is who and what is what and watch until I get bored again.  

Admittedly I admire a drama that has kept itself going for so long. As other soaps have been cancelled, Y&R is still going. As mentioned earlier, I’m not always fond of story lines, or characters, and stop watching.  I do love the idea of watching a drama unfold, and there being this sense of heightened reality. 

Some elements on this show, or soap operas for that matter, go to the extreme. For example, some people have had reconstructive surgery that they can completely resemble another person in height, weight, mannerisms. Or having a “twin” either lost at birth, or unrelated and used in a plot to destroy the original.  It’s all part of the story world, and I love to see how it unfolds. There are relationships, entanglements, and schemes galore. If it slows down on a soap, then we’ll, it gets boring.

So maybe I like a dose of melodrama that isn’t part of the real world. A hint of fantasy where suspension of believe can be fun, silly, and enjoyable for an hour.  Perhaps it’s not a guilty pleasure at all, but rather me liking a particular style of drama. 

Happy creative endeavors.  

The Hot Mess in My Head

I’m on a tangent at the moment. Creative projects, ideas, and solutions are part of the bread and butter of my passions. It does me good, in part to be creative. Been talking with a few people about the type of material I’ve been working on. I’m a huge lover of science fiction, fantasy, and the like. It catches then holds my imagination and attention. Of late they’ve all been falling by the wayside in regards to completing projects. I’ve also been thinking about culture-based stories that have nothing to do with action, science fiction, or fantasy. Mind you, I want to see more diversity in my genres from a viewer/reader standpoint. That’s a separate post on goals for my writings.

Where I feel some conflict today is with me reflecting back on my undergrad years as an artist. I was younger, a bit more spirited, and I stood out as one of the few people of color in an art program.  When I learned that multicultural theory sort of demanded that my focus be exclusively on culture related topics, I rebelled and I refused to be pigeonholed. I didn’t want to be the exclusive “black” artist in the crowd. I wanted to be an artist who happens to be black. I carried that same attitude into graduate school.

Like my art, I wanted to write about films because I love them, and I wanted to learn/share thoughts. I would not make all my papers and presentations exclusively about black films, filmmakers, or topics. I wanted to see and learn as much as possible and not through an exclusive lens. My professors were good. I liked that about them.

Back to the current moment, and I taste the conflict of my younger self, and my older self. My problem is I need to just do, and to hell with worrying. No worrying if it’s wrong, right, or perfect. I have ideas, stories, and concepts to work out. Still, the journey to get to places is amazing. It’s a good lesson about the changes and demands of life, creativity, and ownership of my artistic integrity and output. Only I can choose those. Not another person, not the demands of others. It must be me because I have to stand by my work, or denounce it. If I have to do either, it has to be on my terms, otherwise it’s not my creation. 

Happy creative endeavors.


Today Mom had an appointment, came hone and rested. I answered her phone and took messages. I don’t give out deeper information than this. Likewise if she’s sick, I tell people, she’s got the flu, and resting. Other than that, you will get the deeper details from Mom when she’s able. I had a cousin call, and took it as I withheld pertinency info from her. This implies my Mom was ill/or not doing well. In truth, she went to bed late, got up early. I knew she was tired.

I got a call, later on from another cousin. By that time, Mom was awake, and taking calls. Even later cousin 1 called, with a different number and disguised her voice. I suppose she thinks I’m going to do something different, but I gave Mom the phone. It didn’t take long before I knew this cousin was a hot mess, and indeed thought infer on my Mom’s health was being withheld from her. The only way to take this is to laugh about it.

Trust me when I say if theres a drastic illness, I’d let people know. A doctor’s visit, and the paranoia comes on out? Really?

Last Night

Last night I was dealing with some drama, and no this drama did not ruin my night. In true fashion I sat down and wrote out some jokes about the drama.  Suddenly I was on a rip, and it was funny as hell to laugh at something with such damning energy focused on me. This made me think, why not write more jokes on stuff that really deserves mocking, and less of any other emotion devotion.  So hopefully, by the end of the week, I should have a gang of jokes to laugh at, and possibly used in my writings. I live for humor and making more smiles and less frowns. So suck it, frowns!!!

Been rather lazy this morning.  Not on top of my game.  hadn’t had a sigle bottle of water, and that has got to change.  At least I took my allergy meds, and will need some water when I take my vitamins. I did get my clothes ready for work, so at least I don’t have to worry about that. Didn’t write much today, except for this blog post, but I have a feeling more jokes are on the way. I simply want to motivate and maximise my humor and keep the ideas flowing. I don’t know if they are all funny, BUT it’s keeping me typing, and I smile a lot more.

Happy creative endeavors.


Blah, Blah, Blah

My Fridays typically have me in chaos, but I figure I can get this blog post in. Yes, I’m on my bed and I got up to get some water and take my allergy meds. I’ll be up and about shortly.

I could use a vacation from the chaos. Had a weird dream about teleportation and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. It was weird cause like an ass I list Goren and Eames in my house to investigate. Never let those two in your space. Just the same I did, but they couldn’t prove anything. Teleportation is awesome, even in dreams. So there. Case unsolved.

That’s not to say the dream couldn’t have needed differently. I opened the door for them and the writer in me says even though the story was far fetched, the detectives have a way to get in people’s head and getting to the truth. In hindsight this story was more X-Files or Fringe.