Tuesday and Mom Thinks It’s Wednesday

It’s funny cause my Mom was telling me she was sure it’s Wednesday. I’m like, way to undermine my confidence –in jest, of course. Sometimes days seem to run together and blend, which can be frustrating, BUT is a small thing to overcome.

That said, it’s part of my day now, and I’ve gotten in the habit of noticing things and writing them down.  Why write them down? It’s part of writing, and often leads to other ideas.  For example; what would happen if we were thrown off not for a moment, but for years, and we have to put our life back together?

Or, what if a parent was undermining their child?  A bit dark, but I’m intrigued enough to want to explore the concept more (which started off as confusion and a joke)

It’s the stuff of creativity, which is the house I dwell in, so nothing’s too small to overlook, in regards to ideas and putting them down on paper.  Ideas are fine, but to take this further would require more thought and details to turn this from simple ideas to a premise that makes me, the writer, want to work more on it, BUT I know now there’s a start.

Happy creative endeavors.


I Can’t Believe It’s Not Monday

Well this has been a long time coming, and I’ve been feeling a bit pressed and dealing with some twists and turns.  First my schedule changed, so it’s been me lagging everywhere. Which time changes come different duties, and that kept me pressed.

I’ve been sleep deprived trying to manged my day, and not wanting to be lagging. I also gave up lattes for a couple of weeks because, it was too pricey, and the local coffee shop closed for two weeks, which made my decision easier to handle.

That said I don’t feel creative and often don’t, but this is a hot mess that needs to be fixed. I need to press myself forward and write more.  So, as always, I start with a blog post, and hope that I make some writing happen. I also may have to go back on my word and get a latte, or some coffee.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

I Lost My Wallet

Four words I never want to utter, nor think about. Yet today I did. Was sure my wallet was in my pocket, as I placed it there, or at least I thought I did when I was distracted.

Needless to say this morning as I knocked over some papers, bent to pick it up, I dropped my wallet in the process.  Without realizing this, I walked outta the house, got to work, and didn’t have a clue.

Of course, I needed to get some coffee, and I reached for my wallet, only to find it wasn’t there, and I had no clue as to where I misplaced it.  I retraced my steps, and it wasn’t outside.  I went into panic mode.  I got permission to go look for it, and went home thinking it may have fallen in my patio.

Over time I found where I dropped it, which was a relief, but I was rather dismayed that I could have potentially had my info and bank card stolen.  That’s all I need within the course of my day to be saddled with the drama of freezing my card, replacing my items, and just feeling ok.

Since I was able to calm down some, I’ve been trying to be grateful and should do some writing, which I haven’t, but for me, starting with a blog post helps put me in a writing frame of mind.

Happy creative endeavors.


It’s Saturday, and I’ve been slow to get started. Wanted to rest longer, and stated so, but awakened by a happy family who really didn’t understand I didn’t want to be disturbed. I miss having an apartment, and calling the shots on when I’m going to get up. Change is life, though.

Have to use cheap allergy meds this week, and they are less effective, and make me sleepy as all get out. That really does make being awake an annoyance, when it should be the asset. I will have to tough it out. I like the relief it offers, but OMG, it taxes my system. Boo to that mess.

Writing exercises fell low the entire week, which coincided with the change in my shift, and me refusing to go to bed early. I was a little too stubborn for my own good, and something fell off. The writing quality took the hit. That has to change.

Now that I have some time to reflect on what I didn’t do, and how the minimum became the norm, I’m ready to get back on the horse to my regular routine of writing, and trying to get myself into creative shape.

Happy creative endeavors.

A Christmas Eve Post

Rather than think too hard on this, I’m just gonna write what comes to mind. So it’s been a long, long month, that started in November with me doing overtime, and lasting long enough to scramble my internal clock. I mixed up days and time was a bit off. Even waking up became a chore, and I hate when that happens. So now, it’s break time.

Hoping my creative batteries will get recharged, as the semester is now over, and I can relax a bit, minus the usual family going ons where  I need for people to chill out, and not try and stress me. Why is it that holidays bring on stress when they should be happier and more peaceful times?

So, as I said to myself, I need to chill, the first thought that popped up in my head was to get this blog post done. So here were are, blogging, and ready to post for the holidays. Not sure if my creative power has been charged, but I know when I blog, I typically feel good about creative writing in general. Especially because I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to write.

On another not, I feel a little lighthearted about creativity, and don’t want to take it serious in the least, just play around and goof off, and not be so weighty. I might end up with deep thoughts, but it started with me not trying to be serious, and enjoying moments of creativity.

Happy Holidays, and happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I want to write some horror stories.  Not sure if I’ll be good at them, but something short will be fun–or maybe scary.  LOL This is the result of reading Poe and watching Universal Horror films at a young age.

Maybe if I don’t think too hard on the concept. Lightly flesh out (pardon that pun) a concept, and go. Don’t think too hard, or I’ll collapse in a fit of frustration, and boredom.

Friday is Not and Easy Day

For the record, I wrote in my print journal, and took notes on how to go about projects, which helped me kick off my creative aspects. I’m still having a busy day, but I felt the need to at least keep something creative going.

One thing I did is create a project list. While I have eleven slots, I only filled seven. Then I wrote what I thought the them of all the stories were, as well as thought about how some conflicts can hit closer to home–thus I related to some of the characters far more than I thought.  I’m curious to see what transpires.

This is also my last overtime weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. Creative-wise, my time brief. Heck even my video game time is dried  out.  So after this, I hope to be able to have the weekends to myself, or I may need an extended break to de-stress.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.

Cooking Day

Woke up with some serious neck pain, which would have led to a migraine if I didn’t take my pain reliever meds. So a major, lingering pain was averted.This did make getting up and being functional a task more than it needed to be, but at least I was able to get up and about to get stuff done.

I decided I needed to cook, so the menu was hamburgers, gravy (with onions and mushrooms), rice, and broccoli w/cheddar. Mixing the ground beef was the biggest chore. It always seems to get messy, and i never have enough spices. LOL It all got done though. Mom took the cake when she told me, “this gravy is almost as good as mine.” I’m thinking she just wants me to cook again. Then she adds. “I’d serve this to my friends.”

Do I really need my head gassed that bad? LOL Ego aside, I like when people are happy with my food.

Made myself stop gaming, and editing gaming footage to get some kind of writing in today. Gaming could be a treat for later on, but I’d like to get some focus done, and perhaps line my creative projects up better. So after this post, i start a new journal, and document my progress, or lack thereof.

Happy creative endeavors.