I Need A Distraction

This distraction needs to be a writing task. For some reason I feel I am so far off track with ideas and can’t get myself together. Perhaps it’s time to start a new screenplay or script for a comic to get my mind off my current project.

So this will get my gears going and help me focus on something that’s productive since I can’t get this novel to gel the way I need to.  Screenplays I can get done and focus on.  I feel like a mess right now.

Something’s stressing me out, and I need it to go away ASAP. This means looking at what’s going on.  Time to start a day journal and see where my time goes. It may be that I’ve gamed too much and now I’m bored that I’m not gaming.  Life is more than games, despite the fun they are.  Games ain’t paying my bills, nor is it 100% fulfilling me.

If it were a job though. I wonder how good I’d be.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.


Monday Mash

I have to admit I went a bit game crazy this weekend. Final Fantasy XIV has some pre-release time for Stormblood, but I took my character to a new job, and I need to get a stronger feel for it.  Next I’ve been playing Smite so much that I’ve been trying to figure out how to build better characters.  I’m a bit obsessed.

That said, some ideas ran through my head that I need to address soon. The first is brevity. What I’ve noticed, in my notes is that I haven’t gotten down to the point of the story or the scene.  it’s bothered me a lot because I KNOW I can pull this off, if I take the time to stop BSing myself.

So it’s time for a writing exercise to get this story ironed out.

Happy creative endeavors.

I Need a Latte

NOTE: This was yesterday’s post, and I failed to complete and post it. Oh well. If I leave it alone any longer, it may stay in limbo for longer than I really care to think about.  It was an early morning post, and no, I didn’t get a latte (until today, that is). I simply needed to do more writing before I treated myself. I treated myself today though, as I had ideas, and wrote them down.  Even an idea on improving characters (or flattening them). Having some ideas now.

Yes I do, and I deserve it. So I tell myself. Did some writing. Needed to do some more. It seems after work, all I want to do is check up on some vids, respond to some messges, and relax. It seems I spin from one chaotic zone to the next. I have to make more time for writing.  Some side projects got some love, and I was struck by another curious idea I can”t really explore, but did some quick research and and jotted down notes.

I do have a solution to switching gears a little bit. I did managed to get myself a new power chord for my Kindle, and I did get some credit for books, and perhaps if I start reading something, that will give me the detachment from all my chaos I need to get my creative gears working. Everything seems so far away at the moment, and I know I can do better than where I’m at in this moment. Cycles of chaos is a visions thing I dwell in.

So reading will help me put some focus on something new, that I can escape to, and leave other events behind for a short while. I don’t mind, so long as it gets my head of of all my woes. Hopefully, after the focus, my mind will process older things and have some new ideas.

Happy creative endeavors.


Saturday Night 

Weekends can be odd for me. Sometimes I get meh and mopey, which leaves me feeling sad. Today I got to relax and enjoyed it. I hate that meh feeling. 

Did some writing today. It was improvised ideas I decided to write multiple sentences for. It was good to put ideas together and see how they fit. I even wrote out some lines of dialog for it so its positive to stay creative. At least for me. 

The writing did make me laugh, so maybe I’m onto something. All I know is if I keep writing, maybe there will be a story in the mix.  

Happy creative endeavors.  


I’m a bit annoyed, but I’m also tired. This means I’m sleepy as all get out, but some writing needs to get done. At the very least I’ll do the minimum, get some sleep, and be good. Family is trying to distract me, which isn’t helping my ability to focus to write.

The weather has been nice, the house warm, my television died, and fixing it may cost more than a new television. It seems a lot of things have been breaking down, which has annoyed me to no end.

Still working, and the place has been busy, Super busy, however people need service, and I’m here to assist in the best way possible. It’s not bad, but my poor body feels like it needs more rest. Last week was a six-day weekend, so I’m hoping that this five-day week won’t allow me a breather.

Still writing. Another workshop assignment due, and that needs to be worked upon, and I will have that done soon. I feel so busy, and need to slow down.


It’s Sunday, and I was supposed to blog sooner than now. I did allow myself to get sidetracked, then I forgot about it. That’s never good to lose focus, however, I think I’m allowed to slack off once and a while.

Writing, again has been bare minimum, but I did find myself reading today, and will gladly go back to that. I’m a little irked with myself for not writing more, but it happens. Also better now with a few lines than to say I did nothing creative-wise.  I think I’ll do that for my fiction as well.

So no real updates to report other than I am feeding my brain with books. At the very least I can say the day hasn’t been wasted.  perhaps that’s what I needed–to get the mind onto something that supplements and compliments creative writing.  Back to reading for me.

As always, happy creative endeavors.

One Word at a Time

Today is one of those days where I don’t feel creative, and on my second cup of coffee. I’m a hot mess today.  That doesn’t mean things can’t get done. When I’m writing, and resolving problems in stories, it feels good. Kinda silky, even sexy in a way.  

When I don’t write, I get aimless. Stuck in my head, and not much gets done. Also basic TV programming is truly bad. Bad for the brain. Bad quality of shows, and notorious and relentlessly boring.  Not all of it, but it’s an emptiness that only intensifies the bleakness that can come over my day.  

So today, it’s a one word at a time day. If I do anything, it’s going to be a slow writing day, but there will be some writing that gets done. Pen and paper, Notes app, Word document. A blog post is always a good start. 

As always, happy creative endeavors.