The Final Four

In another chapter of my character building, we come to the final four.

Not really the final characters for my story, but I wanted to create more characters while paying a pun-ish reference to BSG. Yes, I realize it was a “final five,” but if you add the MC you have five.

The MC (main character) is the second son for those who have been following my progress through creating the story.  I also want to keep the character descriptions down to two sentences or less.

Ex-Girlfriend: She is ironically free-spirited, and unintentionally cruel, but always in the second son’s orbit. She discovers she wants to around him more for what he can do, less than she wants to be with him.

Ex-Friend: Typically goes after what he desires no matter the obstacle. Lost the MC as a friend when he started sleeping with the MC’s now ex-gf.

Friend 1: Hard worker, and very passionate about career and goals. She is good friends with the MC, and values loyalty and trues among peers.

Friend 2:  Is burnt out from life and people, thus becoming more and more cynical. Keeps making mistakes that have a ripple effect, and needs help he’s not open to.



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