A Little Shameless Self-Promition

Growing up I was taught not to brag on myself, and now these days I can brag on my humility (humblebrag-as it is), however this is where I am when it comes to thinking about putting together a story proposal.  I dare say I’ll have to eat my modesty alive, and I don’t think I can…yet.

First, I’m reminded of a class I took on writing, where my professor told me that I needed to do more writing, and like a fool I completely forgot to add to my resume that I blogged for some time now, which was me writing on a regular basis.  Thus I was, then too modest, and remain so…most of the time.

To me promoting via proposal myself means embracing that I have a certain flair with my writing, a sense of humor, and that I wisely drop-kicked my modesty and shame down a flight of stairs soap opera style. My point is, sometimes my own writing can have a strong antiseptic approach, and I often fail at a delivery because the proper (correct) thing to do is be modest. Needless to say, how can a proposal or synopsis be interesting if I’m boring? I’m lucky people read it in the first place, but damn, I think I can push myself to forget that I don’t have to be right and correct all the time.

Sometimes foolishness must reign, and by foolishness I mean capitalizing on my fundamental silliness that is neither correct or posturing.  It’s just me being me, and happy. It’s also a me that really doesn’t worry about correctness, and being right, or proper.  So maybe I need to laugh at myself when it comes to my stories, and let the chips fall where they may, as opposed to being overly controlling of my writing.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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