My MOBA Adventures with Smite: Part Two

In yesterday’s post, I talked about the basic roles and pantheons in Smite to choose from. Smite is a free to play game, that’s available on consoles and PC. For the record, I’m playing on PC, and loving it.

Today, I’m gonna discus my obsession in huge part with this game, which is item building. In Smite you’re building items to increases your stats. Your stats have three categories, and how you build in these categories determines your effectiveness in the game.

First. let’s discuss that each god has a basic attack and abilities they can use.  In addition, each god has a passive that can aid them in the game. Passive is just as it sounds-a passive ability that benefits that god, or the team.  Depends on the character.   For the sake of brevity remember that all characters have a base health and mana pool.

  • Health is a finite amount of points that if is lowered down to zero by enemy damage, you die, and have to wait to respawn to attack.
  • Mana is your energy levels and your abilities draw from this pool. You don’t want to be without man because your abilities can get you out of tough situations.

Both of these stats can be increased by item building, and items are earned though gaining gold as you play the game.  You start off with some gold, but it’s up to the player to farm (kill minions and enemies to earn more gold)

As for the three area of stats they are:

  • Damage: This is how you put the hurt on people. Your power and attack advantages are here.
  • Defense: How you protect yourself from the hurt. Your health stats are increased with items here.
  • Utility: How to keep your power up and going.  Think-Viagra for your mana pool.

These areas have sub-classes, but we’d be here all day if I went into them.

Because Items increase your effectiveness, I always want to get good items and have to be mindful of the costs. This means some items can be purchased after a few rounds of fighting while others take longer.  While I’m still new to the game, I’ve noted aggressive players always seem to farm for their coins quicker. When I play the hunter role, for example, I clear minion waves fast, and collect the coins. There are also items to help you collect coins faster.  So snagging those are good.

I’d say everyone needs some damage in their builds. If you don’t have any you’ll likely be getting outplayed by your enemy. Defense is pro and con.  For my warriors and guardians, I need them, because you will get focused on by the enemy, and you need to be able to last in fights.  For mages mainly I put stock in utility more because they tend to use a lot of abilities, and those abilities cost mana.  Some other roles the abilities are equally mana hungry.

As I learnt e game more, I’m trying to figure out who needs what has a character.  For example, characters with healing abilities need different items than those who don’t heal. I might want more attack speed, or raw power to hit harder. Perhaps I need more defense because I’m on the front line and getting a lot of attention.  Trust me, if your enemy sees you too close, they will come for you as a team, and murk you.



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