The Angel and the Bastard


“Stop being cute” is today’s motto, as I wanted to progress with writing without giving hoot what anyone else thought BEFORE I put a darn thing onto paper/file. It’s far too easy for me to get caught into what appeals to whom, and why I should censor myself ahead of writing the text. This always leads to half-assed writing on my part, and ultimately frustration. A friend calls this, “killing the angel in the room.” The angel is so sweet and demure and wants me, or any creative person to be that way for kindness sake.

What I need to be doing is find my inner bastard. The guy who doesn’t care about your feelings or imagined perceptions over stories that doesn’t exist. That guy cuts to the chase, loves what he does, and won’t accept negative attitudes in his space. He get’s stuff done.

That said, I did do some note-writing for the novel, expanded the main character’s friends, rivals and explored the setting more.  Also narrowed the theme down to one strong concept and will work with it from there. With the theme in mind, I need to look at the main character and his age. An older hero might feel the theme stronger, vs a younger who is coming into his own– or not. I will figure it all out.

Happy creative endeavors, or get your stuff done. No one else is gonna do it for you.


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