Into and Out of Love

This blog used to be filled with essays on film and television shows. I created it for that purpose. I used to have a personal blog that I filled with daily chatter, while CINES chatted about film and television.

I felt closer to the text, loved every bit of it, and pushed myself further to explore more topics in film. Then that love dwindled. I feel like I took a turn into deep chaos in a way I fully can’t explain, but my enjoyment for film and television went to a crawl. That’s never a good thing for someone who loves what they wrote about.

Perhaps this was a depression that I didn’t recognize, or a moment where other events overrode something I enjoyed. As a friend pointed out, “one step at a time.” I cannot get from under a cloud and expect an instant return. It truly is a piece by piece effort to regain your foothold and be a better man.

Some of the chaos was released, and left me. Thank God.

Still I gotta grow from where I was, to a better spot. This means focus, effort, and inching towards some form of personal success. So one day I will fall back in love with the things I once had a passion for writing about all the time.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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