Lovely Allergies on a Wednesday

Allergies are pure misery. As the temps in SC fluctuate between cold, and warm, my allergies and sinus dramas are wrecking me. I’m stuffy, then runny, then I lost my appetite. I made myself eat last night and this morning. It’s not a happy time for me. If I don’t eat, I could weaken my resistance, and really get sick. That’s all I need in the course of a day. Needless to say I’m on allergy meds, and I hope to get back to my regular self again.

I can also say that when I can breath through my nose, everything seems to be agitating my sense of smell.  This has taken the joy out of NOT being safe at home away from all things that really set my senses off. I digress. A brother can be a trooper when the occasion calls for it.

Allergies aside, yesterday I did get some writing done. What I did the first go round is write down what I think are some issues for my main characters.  One thing I used a lot was their fears. So after a few bullet points of exploring fears, I told myself to look at other emotions. Why? I felt the characters will start to repeat themselves, or get into a deep rut. Also I wanted to see what else I could explore beyond fear. So unless it’s a horror story, I want to see other emotions.

Wrote a little for the novel, but that’s fine with me. A little goes a long way for me, and I don’t mind when I’m under a hit of misery.  I hope to keep writing something soon. That way I can write about something other than allergies.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.


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