I am a mess, my allergies are working overtime, and I failed to be consistent with my allergy meds. This is catching up to me now, as I’ve gone from sniffles to having drainage, and it is yucky in feeling and description. The meds gotta take its course and work.

I did write over the weekend, but it was minimal, and I believe I left my notebook home.  Either way I failed to check my book bag to see if I have it or not. I have a spare notebook, but I liked the one I got comfy with.

I did place a lot of thought in what my MC should be doing in the novel. I kept going back to this, because I wrote down a couple of ideas  of what’s personal for him. Without giving away any spoilers I wondered if his hang-up is that he doesn’t take much seriously, and not faces a bigger than life consequence he can’t ignore, but doesn’t know how in the slightest on how to address the issue.

Alternatively, I wondered if he was someone whom other people wanted to tech a less to because he was a bit of a scoundrel with little care in the world for anything but his art. What if people stole his art, or he couldn’t paint anymore? So many ideas, BUT I ant to keep working at this because it’s something personal that interrupts his life, and he won’t be able to be happy to he finds a solution, makes a real choice, and confronts/deals this choice and consequence.

I still need to contemplate it all–needs more time for me to resolve what I want/need for the story.

Happy creative endeavors.


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