So Not the Drama

A couple of days ago, I posted about how the character’s personal issue/problem is the real motive/action of the story, not an event drive tale, and I wish to elaborate.

I used to think the MC, or hero needed to react to an event that really had nothing to do with him or her. For example, I thought the hero had to go into a pre-made situation that didn’t involve him/her in any way.

If it were an adventure story, he/she was traveling just to travel. If it were a love story, the two would simply meet and hook up. This could go on, but the outstanding point is the MC’s in my stories had not connection to anything.

What I eventually learned was that what drives a story is the MC’s emotions and their reaction to something personal. A good thing (heart’s desire) which could be a flaw, or too much of a good thing. The MC could also have a fear that they’d have to confront.

For example, the adventure story MC could love to travel, however, his/her travel plans are often interrupted by other people in need. Maybe he’s affected by a travel ban. Perhaps his/her fear of small boats and planes is preventing him from going to a remote location.

The more personal the story, the mileage I can get out of it, or that’s the plan, and perhaps why some of my plotting of late has been rather frustrating.

That TV spec pilot I was writing? Not personal in the least, simply event driven with a theme. The novel? Highly event driven with a theme, but I’m a do better. Much better.

Happy creative endeavors.


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