Yesterday, I had a lot of ideas, and I jotted them down. This meant my little idea book needs me to go back and review these ideas after a while. Excited about that.  Novel writing is a crawl, but it;’s a one word at a time day. I have the perfect sentence in mind to start with , and will do so.

Distracted with gaming…no surprise there. I love the process. Paragon and Warframe are holding my imagination captive for the moment. I actually like that I have something to anticipate when I’m off duty. If only writing came this easy. Surely I can change this fact.

Still need to come up with three to four ideas for screenplays. Looking at the horror genre as the genre to work with.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I wrote down some lines I had for dialog for a character in the story.  If I had to guess, I’d say that comes near the end of the second act where the protagonist is confronted with his actions, and has some tough decisions afterwards.  Not set in stone, but that’s what I see.

I do want to do an action-adventure story. Something with science fiction as well, so I need to get my idea cap going. I have the genres, I just need to pick MC (Main Character), see what their problem is, and address it during the story.  It’s odd, because I always thought stories were about events, not personal issues, but classes, and reading have taught me to address personal issues, and let the events fall where they may.

Happy creative endeavors.

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