Art Imitates Life

Back in the day I, when I was taking writing classes, I got ideas from stories from real life-that is inspiration came directly for experiences I had, saw, or heard about, and did some exploring on the topic to further my curiosity. I filled in some gaps with some imagination, and worked my way from there.  It’s what got the best reactions in class.

As time progressed, I had mixed results with this, and tried to make do. Looking back now, I should retry to mix some real life inspirations/observations withing the material.  This means adding a section to my journal for observations.

That said I wonder how far I can go with observations and inspiration. It’s not to be a reflection of the actual real life experience, but rather I I feel about this stimuli at the moment. Something to think about in the time it takes to make some stories happen and progress. I sense a new exercise coming on.

Happy creative endeavors.


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