Delayed Dreams

So, between my own procrastination, and the distractions that kept happening, I didn’t do much in the way of writing this weekend. That said, I do believe in getting back in the wagon and writing again. I have to remind myself that I have delayed my dreams of being a novelist, screenwriting, and TV scripts. Sounds bleak, but it’s the mess I’ve made.

What I did do is add some notes, and a few lines to the noel. Not too much progress. I also created a background for a character I have no idea how it will be used at the moment, I did write down some dialog for an idea that I hope to use in a screenplay, but I need to outline it before I go further.

What I did do, and thought over this morning was the TV spec pilot and two subsequent episodes I wrote. I’m at the point where I’ve completely “forgotten” the material, and I need to go back and do real quality revisions to make it look good.–I still hated the final act, and I revised that thing so much–with frustration for not making it better.  I got pissed off, and needed to leave it be.

It’s been a while, and I think now is a perfect time to look and revise it.  I feel I can cut things without feeling like a mad butcher.  By the way, I liked writing the third episode the most, as it felt like I had gotten stronger with the material. The spec pilot and second episode need some mad work though.

That said, I want to look back at it, and see what could be done to make the series better, and how to improve what I wrote.

Happy creative endeavors.


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