Lovely Eye Allergies

Despite taking my meds, my room is a trap for allergies if I don’t have my fan oscillating. Needless to say, I was cold, and thought just having the air on would suffice. Surprise, surprise, I woke up with burning eyes in spite of taking my meds the day before. Now I gotta deal with this mess, and it’s annoying as all get out. I keep squinting, and one eye keeps tearing.  Someone asked me about eye drops, but I swore off drops after a dreadful experience with them.

Looking back at my notes I can see I wrote out some details from some new characters and a concept I haven’t implemented. No need to, but I’m glad I put it down. What I do have is a lot of gaming notes, which seems to fill my journal pages.  Now I need to write a few lines for the novel, and make this day OK.

Happy creative endeavors.


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