Too Early To Type

I’m gonna prove this title wrong, in spite of allergies popping off and making my eyes burn and water. The meds are taking their sweet time taking effect. It is early, and I don’t want to think, but since I’m up and about, I am gonna think and keep thinking. This means more writing, and l need my eyes open and less painful for this event. Like I said this morning, it’s mind over matter, and I need to put the focus where it’s important.

That said, I did do some print writing, and some more or less non-story writing for work, so I did put in some time.  The non-story writing was work-related, and kept me busy in a good way.  The fiction writing was mainly creating some dialogue, and trying to organize some chapters. Got to chapter seven, but stopped there, as I’m getting ahead of myself, and I need to make sure I have reasonable drafts to correspond with these new chapters.

Now I need a latter. It will get my day popping like I need it too.

Happy creative endeavors.


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