Let’s Get This Day Started

Yesterday I managed to write a little more, and that’s been good for me. I’m pleased that I did something other than imagine writing, or the scene. Something got committed to paper. I hope to repeat the process again.  I really would like to see this novel shape up far better than it has at this point. It’s kind of like a set of scenes that have some connection, but needs to be coherent, and that takes much more focus than I’ve given it thus far.  That doesn’t mean I get to stop writing if it doesn’t fall into shape because even if it doesn’t shape up at the moment, at least there’s some progress.

That said, I’ve been hoping to start other writing projects, and want to keep pushing myself to progress further in progress. I’m a little annoyed that I have ideas, and placed little time exploring them beyond daydreaming. I’m calling this sink or swim time. I have to get these things on paper, or file, AND follow them up with more writing.

Happy creative endeavors.


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