Wednesday Goodness

Pollen is everywhere, and I’ve been distracted with gaming a bit too much. It’s time for some more writing to get done. I woke up determined to put a few sentences in print, or a file because that’s the life. Of course, I’m being distracted now–non gaming stuff, but that’s also the life.  Let me tell you, despite allergy meds, my eyes are still burning, so I’m catching some hot messes today.

Last thing I wrote was me working on a few lines for the main character to a friend about mistakes he keeps making. I’m glad I jotted them down, but that’s in need of more time and effort before it becomes a concrete scene.  If not, I’ll move onto something else. Did think of possibly naming each chapter.   Just because I want to. Chapter 1 has a name, and like a genius, I don’t have my flash drive with me to work on that chapter.  Fortunately, I know where it is, and haven’t misplaced it.

As always, happy creative endeavors.




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