So the weekend I was consumed by gaming. I’ve fallen into another MOBA–Warframe, and I keep playing this thing alongside Paragon.  I totally lost track of time, and for that matter, suddenly it was nightfall.  I had a lot of fun being pleasantly distracted with the games. For me it was how to play better, and how to level the characters up to make them effective.  Both games have multiplayer functions, and you have a choice of characters. Needless to say, I kept myself busy.

Now back to Monday, and the power of writing. I need to put more effort into the novel, and since I have the time, and won’t be playing games for the moment, I will put pen to paper, and write in my journal. I put a lot of ideas down on Friday, and one passage for the novel I need to add to. It’s the main character understanding and responding to the fact that that he makes too many foolish choices. At least he thinks this is the end of his bad choices. This writer knows better.

Needless to say the line needed time to marinate, and me to figure out how to make it work better, at least I hope it does. One word at a time, right?

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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