I Thought I Knew

As usual, my thought process seems better between half asleep and awake. So I woke up thinking of the motives for my characters and what I’m exploring. Had these ideas where I wanted to figure out why they are doing what they do and how to explore those thoughts.  This lead me back to my novel. Just what the heck is this main character up to?

For the moment I know the character keeps making bad choices, and his choices have good and bad consequences he has to eat. So maybe I should be asking why he keeps making bad choices when he wants to be recognized for his talents. What if the choices suddenly became bigger than who he was, and why.

This puts me in a different position.  The MC was going though life messing around when in fact he could and can do better.  I know those motives all to well.

I thought I knew what the stakes were. I got adjusted.  It happens.

Happy creative endeavors.


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