This is Friday

Not that peeps don’t know it’s Friday, but I feel like it’s a Friday.  Sometimes I’m up and about and it doesn’t feel like much of any day I’m familiar with.  Fridays typically have this mellower tone to the day where the people seem more relaxed. At least I know I am, and that’s good.

Lots of rewriting got done as I looked back on some chapters I wrote and commenced to putting notes/revisions on the paper. I felt I had more than enough time away from the material to objectively edit it, which may have been the problem in the first place. I was too caught up in the material to get it sorted the way it needed to be.

One thing I also noted is some passages needed to be elaborated upon. I needed much more description, and showing a bit more than telling. So there’s that in regards to revisions. It kept me busy. One early chapter needed some tweaking, it was short, but succinct, so I like what I did, but need to keep pressing on.

I knew I felt a little conflicted with what to keep and to omit from this novel.  It’s going to take me some time to get that worked out.

Also came up with something that made me laugh, and this scene needs to be written down ASAP, so off I go.  Out of head, onto paper.

Happy creative endeavors.


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