Chapter Progress

For the past few days I’ve been working on a chapter for my novel, and it’s taking good enough shape to be a true first draft of a chapter. This is the kind of  progress I’m pleased with, as when I first wrote this chapter, it was a raw set of ideas, and really didn’t give a reader enough details.  What I also found, as I kept writing, was that I missed certain elements of conflict necessary to push any action forward.

For example, this chapter introduced a minor antagonist, but that character had little to say or interaction with the main character (MC), and that to me didn’t really make that character an antagonist–minor or otherwise. I also felt I needed to have an option where the MC is able to opt out of the confrontation, and if he took this option where he’d be safe and return to his old life.  He had to make a choice, and suddenly moved from his old life to this new adventure.

For me, once the MC crosses a threshold from ordinary life to an extraordinary adventure, the story picks up, and now I’m in act two of of the novel. While I wrote some previous chapters, I am wondering does the novel really pick up here, and are some of the previous chapters superfluous? I don’t know, but I feel like I have a stronger set up at this point, and while I still need to complete this chapter, I’m nervous about some of what I wrote, and what needs to be cut from previous chapters.

If writing were perfect, I’d have all the answers, no? What I do have is a damn good start of a chapter that really defines a crucial part of the story.  That’s a great thing, and gives me some clarity. Like I always said, writing is rewriting.

Happy creative endeavors.


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