Friday Goodness

For the past few days, I did take things one word at a time, and worked on the novel.  It was a revision of a scene, that I enjoyed. Went back and read the original scene, and I found I liked parts of it, and should hand edit those pages. I then began to incorporate parts of the revisions into it.  In hindsight, maybe I should have read the original first, however, the fact that I was writing  and inspired overrode my desire to be reflective.

There were some issues I noticed, that need resolving, and I’ve been thinking on those.  For example, the previous chapter has a ending I KNOW I don’t like. It’s too abstract and weak, I can do better. Second, I created a minor antagonist for the current chapter, and they weren’t fleshed out in the original. So I now have a scene where they look like a worthwhile character.

I also, on a spur wrote out some dialog for a yet to be written chapter.  It’s a sparse scene at the movement, with the barest of details, but I know it will take shape after a while.

A lot of this writing has to do with the fact that I was writing, giving myself writing exercises, and felt compelled to put either pen to paper, or type. This in part excuses me letting up on the assignments, as I replaced it with novel writing.  I’m extending my deadlines for the exercises to make room for more writing. So I guess the secret to this current success was I kept writing: The journal, the blog, the exercises, and life.

Happy creative endeavors.


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