Not On Point

I failed at last weeks writing exercise to read more, so I’m re-doing it. At the very least I was able to sit back yesterday and read some pages of the novel Ahsoka. I will keep doing this. I also read a little more from the novel, Vicious.  I need to keep reading.

This week’s assignment was to come up with ten “why’s” for story lines I’ve been working on, or plan to work on.  Some of it was for me to get into the character’s head, and figure out why they do what they do. This can lead me to finding their motives/desires, and fears better.  I did five of those yesterday. May have to double the amount to twenty to keep the exercise going longer, and to have a wider pool of info.

No story writing yesterday. I’m OK with that, so long as I keep up the personal writing exercises. Last Friday, I wrote a lot. A rewrite of a scene for the novel where I left off.  I liked where I went, and truly need to consolidate the material to make it into one solid scene.  I still think I have more to add to the rewrite.

Happy creative endeavors.


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