Figure it Out

So I needed a bit of break this weekend, and ended up doing some cooking a meal to last for two days. It took quite a while. I made burgers, baked beans, rice, gravy, and was supposed to make some spinach, but failed to get that in.  I’m annoyed. with that, but this was a big event for Sunday. By time I was done, I was tired, wanted to veg out playing games.  Hello Paragon.  I played until I got tired of it. Also played a little Overwatch.  I was rusty as all get out, but I made it work.

I also thought of how to resolve stories, which I often do when I am preoccupied with other things. I thought about how to write and write better. I also thought of what I’m doing.  Usually I want to figure something out. For example, why did character X do what they did.  The desire to explore character motives was instilled in me from  short stories.  While it seems like this method is different from other storytelling ideas, it really isn’t.

With screenwriting, the goal is to find the main character’s wants/needs/fears.  Sometimes the hero (or main character) has to confront aspects of himself, but the trouble he or she faces pushes the story forward. Sometimes I want to know the whys of a story. Why does the hero fear frogs, and how can the hero get past this? Can they get past this? What if they don’t get out of this mess they’re in?

That’s when my imagination works overtime.  Examples: it’s going to storm poisonous frogs, demon frog comes to town to feed the people to her monstrous offspring, frog prince needs a kiss to break the curse. Frog is the only source of meat in the area.  If you can imagine for a moment, the hero has a deep fear or love for frogs, then you can see the problems.

These are things that haunt my brain, but only seem clear when I’m NOT writing.

Happy creative endeavors.


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