The Friday Shuffle

Well yesterday, I wrote something for the novel, and as I wrote it out, I realized it didn’t fit in the least.  I still kept writing because I felt the idea needed to be a complete thought.  I am going to have to put it in a separate file because it’s not part of the novel.  Did start today with rewriting parts of a scene between two characters who are in a relationship at the beginning of the story.  It needs to be typed, which I’ll have to do a little later in the day.

I”m glad to start the day off with ideas, and hope to do more writing for the novel and for other stories.  I will take it one word at a time. I feel like a hot mess, but one word follows the next, and if I can get some quiet time (not be disturbed), I can sit and type this material over the weekend. That will make the writing worthwhile.

I did note that when writing the novel, it kind of invalidates the outline in some ways.  Not a bad thing. It’s just that following the outline and writing has produced several different ideas and developments that threw me off, and I got nervous. I was supposed to know what was going on.  LOL Now the characters have gotten away from me. I feel like I don’t know my own creations yet. They are openly defying the map I made for them without feeling too awful.

For example, my main character has evolved from the geeky, yet talented teen to a confidant, boastful strong hero. I need to track and show this development, but I know who he becomes towards the end of the novel. Another example is two of the story’s antagonists have appeared, or their products/ideas have shown up in parts of the story I’ve been working on. In some whats they are inescapable.

Happy Creative Endeavors.


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