Today I used the phrase “young man,” when speaking to someone, and for a moment I realized that I was no longer the carefree young guy who had the luxury of  suppressing/ignoring the older, mature, wiser person that I’ve become. This is a runabout way of say that I didn’t take full stock of who I am today, as opposed to who I think I am.
That said, I need to take the cap off some ideas and that requires constructive thoughts and action to implement my dreams and goals. I like to seem a lot of the things I love to do move past the planning and creative stages, and this means hopping to action, as opposed to hoping they will eventually come through.

I need to master time management and make productivity a must do activity for myself. Capitalizing on my time should have a positive effect on the completion of projects, and moving forward on my goals. I do believe I can bring many of my passions into reality provided I do the work that comes with the ideas.

Granted, like many I am a tried and true procrastinator, and I love distractions from TV shows to gaming. I believe I can strike a strong balance, and will have harmony through the rest of my time on the Earth. Follow through skills and drive is a must.

Happy creative endeavors.


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