Discombobulated on a Monday

Let me start by saying I was POSITIVE I posted Friday’s post. I knew I didn’t post on the weekend, but at least I had Friday’s up until I logged in and saw I had done NOTHING. Well, I supposed I need to correct this error, no?

Let me say, writing wise, while I didn’t post, I did write a lot in my journal. I even came up with  the starting dialog for a new scene for the novel I was excited to put down on paper.  it’s raw as all get out, with me writing the material out, and a few lines of description. I like that it’s dialog heavy, and really could use some serious formatting.  That’s promising. I also finished my exercise of writing a minimum of twenty character descriptions that revealed a little about the character’s persona. I purposely left those alone after I did them in order to see them with fresh eyes.

That said, I spent the weekend gaming.  Mostly Paragon. I tried to figure out the mechanics of several heroes in the game, and may need to jot down some notes. The sad thing is I played one hero, and got stuck on the mindset I was playing a different character.  Each hero has a unique playstyle, so as I wondered what things weren’t working, I quickly figured out why.

I need to do some writing.  I hope to write more for the novel.  We shall see.

Happy creative endeavors.


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