Erotic Fiction Melted My Laptop(s)

Well sorta, let me backtrack. A while back I tried my hand at writing erotic fiction, but it never really read like erotic fiction. More like bad porn, and I kept trying to revise the dang story. The first time I did this, I thought I had a great story. I was a genius, and then my laptop crashed hard. I had to send it back to the manufactures to get repaired, and I lost ALL the data I hadn’t saved. It was a lesson learned–at least the wrong lesson, which is I shouldn’t write erotic fiction.

Fast forward a few years, and a new laptop later, I made an attempt to write another erotic fiction story. It started like the last one, which was BAD porn fiction. However, I kept working on it because I KNEW I could do better than my last piss poor attempts.  I revised, and revised. I even put it away for a while and when back to it with fresh eyes.  I made a tiny bit of progress that had a hint of character development, which gave me hope. I was also positive that I saved the story to an external drive, but in reality, I didn’t.

Then my computer crashed, hard.  The screen was blank, and I couldn’t get it to function. I had to re-install all my software, and let me tell you that was painstaking.  Anything I didn’t save, I lost. So, my second story vanished back into the ether. I took it as a sign that I was bad at any kind of erotic story, and should leave the writing to the pros.

Reflecting on this situation, I’m reminded of my bad timing, and the fact that I wrote a third erotic story that I did save, and I liked because it wasn’t a “porn story.” That is to say while sex was on both character’s minds, there was some seduction going on, also I was experimenting with wordplay, and it had a medieval-fantasy setting. I hadn’t opened this file in a while, but I have it copied, and I LOVE  that my computer didn’t die on me.

Maybe my laptops hate bad fiction in general, and preferred to kill themselves than have those stories stored in their system, or it sacrificed itself to save me from embarrassing myself. I like to think it was a noble sacrifice.  Either way, my laptops proved the existence of “brain bleach,” and had their memories wiped.

I’m going to write more erotic fiction, and I’m gonna see if my laptop will hold itself together.

Happy creative endeavors.


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