Brainy Wednesday

I did manage to write in my print journal once again. Forgot what I wrote, so I will have to go back and read the journal entry. I’m doing a self-imposed deadline for a writing exercise as well, which is to write out descriptive lines for characters. I said do twenty of them, so I have up till Monday to finish this project. This is to see what I think of them.  I wrote out a piece for the main character in the novel as well.  I let the idea marinate overnight, so I should look at it today, and revise it. That part is strictly how I see my hero, and this will help me shape the theme a lot tighter.

So, journal writing is a great thing, and I need to keep it up, even if I write entries I don’t fully remember, but sometimes there are things that happen while pen is to paper. I believe most of the descriptive elements won’t make sense to me until time has passed, and they’ve cooled off.

Other than that, I wrote and need to revise a brief script for my gaming channel. It’s a voice over introduction, so I wanted to know what I would say before I pressed record.  I have to wait until I have complete free time to sit and put together this presentation. Then I have to upload it. For the record, my gaming channel is named S. R. Haze.

Random idea popped into my head about what “On the nose means” in stories in my head, that seemed less interesting because they were too direct. It seemed like I confused my understanding of genre with event. Having a vengeful spirit in a horror story is fine, but what’s happening beyond that to help the story? I quiz myself all the darn time, and need to have better answers.  EX: Instead of Vengeful ghost story, how about,  Woman diagnosed with cancer is visited by a vengeful spirit hell bent on breaking up her marriage.

I should do more journal entries. LOL

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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