Tuesday On the Go

Since yesterday I’ve had more than enough time to post and think about my creative writing, and lack thereof. I decided to open my print journal and write an entry. I took it a step further and looked back at some of the ideas/notes I wrote for a story and expanded with more ideas. I felt like if I did this, it may promote a main character I can gravitate towards. I wrote a question in the notes asking what is the main character’s heart’s desire, or greatest fear.  This may lead to something.  I’ll keep you posted.

Woke up today thinking about how characters are describe in lines, and how this may lead me to developing a character or two. For example, the line, “not a hair or stitch on clothing was out of place.” That line may never make it into a story, but, it tells me this particular character loves (or is obsessed with) fine details of personal grooming. Sometimes it’s these little nuggets are what I need to do to advance some characters to push a plot forward.

For the record, once I find this detail, it is important that I either deny my heroes/main character’s what they crave, and what they think they want, and help them see what they truly need. I’m sure my main character would be very salty with me to see that I’ve messed up their lives for entertainment, but they suffer for the craft, man.  Yeah, that’s it.

I jest, but it’s all good. I have to work more and better. I am so glad I decided to write, and ideas got to paper, and some had a chance to marinate pretty well.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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