Thursday Goodness

Yesterday didn’t go as planned. Yesterdays was supposed to be more gaming practice, however, I swapped out gaming time for some family time, and tried to relax. It wasn’t a terrible swap, as I felt I needed to unwind more than anything. I’ll have to pick up the slack somewhere down the line.  I will say this, sometimes taking time away from something isn’t bad, so long as I get back into the program in a timely fashion.

I did get my writing in, as planned.  Jotted down a lot of notes in my journal, and that makes me feel better about writing. It isn’t a great amount of writing, however, I am glad I put the effort forth to get something done when I had the time. I will need to review what I wrote, as I had some questions for myself I wanted to think on. I also wrote down possible themes, and did a little research on the themes of similar stories.

That said, today is open, and I aim to get myself organized around completing writing and some gaming later this evening.  It really is a one step at a time project that begs that I take some time to put that energy forward. It may even come down to managing and blocking out more dedicated time to both projects.  Stuff we gotta do.  I don’t mind.

Happy creative endeavors.


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