Work It

As promised, I worked on game practice.  Only got two rounds with Sombra, and managed to play as other heroes to support the team.  I did terrible, but notice my other characters fared better or stronger, as I was spending time away from them.  The only thing I can do is keep practicing.  My support sniper hero definitely felt stronger, as did my defensive support hero.  Still gotta put more time in.  Slowly moving from four hours of quality time to five.  I’d like to see me get to ten at the end of this Sunday.  At least closet to it.

Writing became an off/on endeavor.  I for sure put more ideas down in files, and even addressed my group project, which needed my input. I feel good about that.  I want to make sure, some time today, I open my print journal and write with pen and paper in addition to blogging, and putting down ideas.

What resonated with my yesterday was a series of questions I asked myself about my protagonists.  Essentially I wanted to know what they think they needed to be better/achieve their goal, and what they truly need in order to be a better person/find happiness, or just sleep better at night.  It’s not an answer that came instantly to me, but I like that it actively keeps me thinking about the protagonist, and their status.

Lastly, I’ve been thinking of themes to explore, and this needs additional thoughts as well. I really need to look back and see what I’m thinking the themes are for current projects, and explore them, or at least access what the theme is so far, and write it down.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. A highlight from one my games last night. it’s Ana, the support sniper.  She can heal teammates with her gun, and hurt enemies with it. The team kept me busy.  LOL


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