Yesterday I was determined to learn how to play a high skill chap character in Overwatch (Sombra). She’s tricky, and I need far more practice to be effective, and produce tangible results for the the team I’m with.  Part of my strategy has been to watch several “how to” and game play videos via YouTube. I also spoke with several players, and read their comments on getting better. I finally got the idea that I should play a minimum three matches per day for a week.  This will keep me focused on developing the skills for the character that should pay off by the end of the week when I mostly play.

Since I came up with this plan, I was wondering why can’t I apply this strategy more to my writing. While the actions are different, the results should be the same. I get the focus needed for a project, and I write a whole lot me.  This will help me have something by the end of the week, that will only make writing a lot more easier, and feel less of a chore, and more of fun project I completed.

So that’s what I’m gonna do.  Below is one of my latest games with Sombra.  She’s an offense hero which meany you can play her on any map, and she has a lot of utility in her kit, which gives her a lot of support (assisting), and some crowd control.


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