Happy New Year

Well this is a new year, and pretty much we’re all getting older.  It seems simple until I think about how old I already am, and what I’m getting closer to. Let’s keep this positive.  At the moment, my head is blank, and despite needed to be creative, I feel rather tired, and in need of something to eat.

I could go for some Chinese food just because I could, and its delicious from the right shops.  Not trying to be too picky, but I do want something good that I can enjoy.  Also I heard a challenge to go a week without dairy products, or even soy products. I can’t drink milk, but that also means cheese. I loves some cheese.  I dunno if I can do this challenge.

Beside that, i was up early, no time to think, or relax, so creativity went to hell.  I rather resent that. I clearly have not pushed myself. Better get on top of this. Not getting any younger, am I?

Happy creative endeavors.


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