Last Day of the Year Post

It’s the last day of the year, and 2016 has been a mixed bag of goodness and sadness.  A lot of celebrity deaths, and I got a job after searching for one after a long while. Very grateful to be working, and trying to get my life back in order in some sorts.

I started a few projects, and sometimes had to put them down because either I was getting myself bogged down in little details, or I kept getting distracted. Either way, I have some goals for 2017, and I don’t know if I call them resolutions more than me getting stuff done.

Nothing’s going to be so far fetched or seem so far away I can’t handle the process of getting it done.  I personally would like to see some things completed before its December 31, 2017.

So other than making all sorts of declarations, or lists, I’m a see what I get done, and if I come near the goal, I’ll discuss it on the blog.  I simply feel a declaration sounds so good in the moment, then I can’t reach it, and I feel rather sill.  Also part of me feels I need to get some time management down before I go off all  half-cocked.

Happy New Years to all, and as always, happy creative endeavors.

P. S. I did put down some ideas and notes today that came from some dreams/ideas I had, and told myself to put it down rather than hold onto them in my head.  Also finally put down an idea I had a few days ago. It’s not too deep in detail, but enough to let me know what’s going on this story.


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