A Christmas Eve Post

Rather than think too hard on this, I’m just gonna write what comes to mind. So it’s been a long, long month, that started in November with me doing overtime, and lasting long enough to scramble my internal clock. I mixed up days and time was a bit off. Even waking up became a chore, and I hate when that happens. So now, it’s break time.

Hoping my creative batteries will get recharged, as the semester is now over, and I can relax a bit, minus the usual family going ons where  I need for people to chill out, and not try and stress me. Why is it that holidays bring on stress when they should be happier and more peaceful times?

So, as I said to myself, I need to chill, the first thought that popped up in my head was to get this blog post done. So here were are, blogging, and ready to post for the holidays. Not sure if my creative power has been charged, but I know when I blog, I typically feel good about creative writing in general. Especially because I don’t feel like I’m forcing myself to write.

On another not, I feel a little lighthearted about creativity, and don’t want to take it serious in the least, just play around and goof off, and not be so weighty. I might end up with deep thoughts, but it started with me not trying to be serious, and enjoying moments of creativity.

Happy Holidays, and happy creative endeavors.

P.S. I want to write some horror stories.  Not sure if I’ll be good at them, but something short will be fun–or maybe scary.  LOL This is the result of reading Poe and watching Universal Horror films at a young age.

Maybe if I don’t think too hard on the concept. Lightly flesh out (pardon that pun) a concept, and go. Don’t think too hard, or I’ll collapse in a fit of frustration, and boredom.