What Day is It?

It’s been a long week, where the days are blending in a way that I find disjointing.  I forgot today was Wednesday, and swore it was Thursday, which only added to my dilemma. Once I realized my mistake, I was a bit mad with myself, then laughed. I was too far into the future.

This is the last day of finals, so the students have thinned out, after nine days of super busy moments that left me drained.  No wonder I didn’t know which way was up. It’s funny now, but it wasn’t a few days ago.

Also managed to do some new writing for the novel, and that’s good.  it’s handwritten, and I found time to scribble it down between busy people, and all sorts of demands to get things done. It needs lots of work, but it adds to the story, and I hope to continue top write.

Happy creative endeavors.


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