Friday is Not and Easy Day

For the record, I wrote in my print journal, and took notes on how to go about projects, which helped me kick off my creative aspects. I’m still having a busy day, but I felt the need to at least keep something creative going.

One thing I did is create a project list. While I have eleven slots, I only filled seven. Then I wrote what I thought the them of all the stories were, as well as thought about how some conflicts can hit closer to home–thus I related to some of the characters far more than I thought.  I’m curious to see what transpires.

This is also my last overtime weekend, and I couldn’t be happier. Creative-wise, my time brief. Heck even my video game time is dried  out.  So after this, I hope to be able to have the weekends to myself, or I may need an extended break to de-stress.  LOL

Happy creative endeavors.


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