Wednesday Progress

Sometimes it truly is a one word at a time, AND a one day at a time moment when it comes to writing. Broke open my print journal and started writing. It was mainly to keep me doing something creative and constructive as far as writing goes.  Only a tad bit of creative fiction came from this session, however, I was happy for the start.

So, this effort needs to be duplicated today.  Also some more random musings, that I couldn’t write down because I was busy, however I liked the idea, and its stuck with me. This was like earlier in the day where I did get the time to write down a descriptive–and that was a great moment.  Now I have newer random ideas I owe to myself to sit down and write or type.

Budget has gone to heck. Sometimes family–for better or worse interferes with my good intentions, then CONSTANTLY works my nerves over my budget. When I say I’m low, and I want to save, that’s EXACTLY what I mean.  When I go over, I’m in the hole.  I need to get out. Why after verbalizing this, do people come at me for SPENDING more money for their needs?

When peeps don’t have time to hear things nicely, then the time for being the bigger person is over. It’s time for some rudeness. It seems  the less than diplomatic words get the job done. Ugh. Just Ugh. LOL

I like being nice, and less grouchy, but sometimes I gotta show people the wolf is real.

Happy creative endeavors.

P.S. Not blowing my budget.


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