Tuesday’s Lag

It rained all night, and is still raining. Fortunately in the city, the rain has calmed down. Now there are puddles everywhere, and some drivers don’t seem to care if they splash pedestrians. There is no defense against this attack. ¬†Inconsideration really has consequences.

I failed to set my alarm, and only remembered AFTER I awoke, saw light outside, and remembered it wasn’t going to go off. So I woke with a lag, and a non-desire to get ready. This meant not being refreshed and dressed properly. This also means I failed to make my lunch today. Now I have to go buy a meal, but I was prepared for such a thing.

No creativity other than some musings in my head this morning that I SHOULD put on paper. A few descriptions that I like which hasn’t left me…yet. I should get on top of that before the ideas fade. Also , if I can’t come up with new material (so far) I need to type out the ones I placed in my journal that need attention.

Happy creative endeavors.



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