Cooking Day

Woke up with some serious neck pain, which would have led to a migraine if I didn’t take my pain reliever meds. So a major, lingering pain was averted.This did make getting up and being functional a task more than it needed to be, but at least I was able to get up and about to get stuff done.

I decided I needed to cook, so the menu was hamburgers, gravy (with onions and mushrooms), rice, and broccoli w/cheddar. Mixing the ground beef was the biggest chore. It always seems to get messy, and i never have enough spices. LOL It all got done though. Mom took the cake when she told me, “this gravy is almost as good as mine.” I’m thinking she just wants me to cook again. Then she adds. “I’d serve this to my friends.”

Do I really need my head gassed that bad? LOL Ego aside, I like when people are happy with my food.

Made myself stop gaming, and editing gaming footage to get some kind of writing in today. Gaming could be a treat for later on, but I’d like to get some focus done, and perhaps line my creative projects up better. So after this post, i start a new journal, and document my progress, or lack thereof.

Happy creative endeavors.


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