Early Morning Stuff

I had to be at work early today, and I didn’t mind. My only regret is I didn’t set the sound of my alarm high enough.  As I slept I heard this dull buzzing I semi-dismissed, until I decided to open my eyes and look at my clock.  Ten mins AFTER I was supposed to be awake.  Damn.

Today consisted of  shifting books from one set of shelves to the next. We’re making more room for the collection, which is a wonderful thing.  It’s a straightforward task, with a few surprises. First, I was working backwards, if you know the  Library of Congress system, you know the books are in a certain order, and I had to maintain that order, lest I throw everyone off.  Didn’t want to be that employee.  LOL

Second, many of those books were dusty. Me and dust are never friends. I expect my allergies to revolt harshly on me for dallying in the dust, and it won’t be pretty. Surprisingly I’ve had no coffee or latte, and I may need one soon.  Just to give me some energy. Otherwise I’m going back to bed, and don’t wish to be disturbed–which means someone WILL disturb me.

No writing achievements to talk about, but I do need to get back on that horse soon.

As always, happy creative endeavors.


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