Thursday Let’s Keep Things Moving

Creativity has been harshly non-existent for me. It’s like my routine died on the vine. I have no worthy output to show for the past few days other some smatterings of ideas I really haven’t implemented.  What does this mean now? When my creative well goes dry, I gotta go find me some water elsewhere. It means I need to be more proactive in what I get done, and how I do it.

I really can’t say gaming has been a distraction, because I only play on weekends, and not all day. There have been some life upsets that have been handed to me, but I get those managed, or they fall by the wayside. Either way, they can’t be the sum of it. I have noticed that my desire to watch films and telvision has tapered

Perhaps I’m simply lazy.  It takes a lot of work to write, and as much as I love it, writing is intimidating. I have to figure stuff out. Who does what, where, and why. Then I have to turn around and make it different for the next story. It gets complicated, and third and fourth drafts sometimes don’t pull the madness off the page. Also writing can be uneven. I hate when that happens. So much bad stuff to get frustrated with, then try to figure out.

So, why don’t I quit writing? Why don’t I walk away from the frustration, annoyances, incomplete/abandoned projects. There are stacks of papers and folders of files that need my attention. I bet I’ll feel so damn good that a weight is off my shoulders, I’ll be happy…or at least that’s what I think will happen.

Then I tell myself I’m going through a dry spell. Stuff happens. perhaps I need to walk completely away for a hour to a week, or at least think I do. Recharging my creative energies is a must.


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